Do we really need to be Mardaani

Mardaani is a latest bollywood flick starring Rani Mukherjee as the lead actress. The movie revolves around human trafficking and child molestation. Rani plays a top notch cop in the movie and she fights like a real hero and saves the girls from being molested and used. The movie was really very well made and it left a long lasting impact, at least on me. I went to watch this movie with two of my friends, and after coming out of the theater I just said the movie was fabulous.

One of my friends seems to be in agreement to it while the other was a little hesitant. His hesitance stuck imagesme there and I asked him why this fleeting reaction. He very strongly responded, why do you want to become “Mardani“. His question stoned me, and I did not speak a word for the next one minute or so.

I asked him to explain what he wanted to say, he simply said women are far too superior and capable than men then why do they want to become mardaani. I would have love if the title of the movie was some Goddess name which represents the women as well as her power and capabilities.

We don’t need a new term, mardaani

Being a woman, I tried to make him understand by saying that it is just a feminine term for “Mard” (men) for which he said we don’t need such a term we have “Aurat” (woman) for that, I again tried by explaining that men have an edge when it comes to attributes like physical strength and power and with the help of that they take advantage of women.

We live in a patriarchal setup where men are the head of the family. They hold the power to run things, which is gradually changing now. So “Mard” (men) are symbolic of very strong and determined individuals in our society. With women stepping up in every field of life they want to be treated like strong and determined individuals too. So instead of any other strong and influencing title the director must have landed up with this name “Mardaani“.

He still does not seemed to be convinced. Later I realized I was taking this all a little too on myself as I am a woman too. He sat by my side and explained me again, that you don’t have to do that, you don’t have to become “Mard“(men). The fact that along with all the femininity you can still do everything that a “Mard” does makes you way more ahead and stronger than men. Physical strength is very pity thing you can always work on that, go for some self defense classes and you can kick anyone’s ass. You don’t have to lose the asset of being a woman for that or for that matter even just the name woman.

I seemed to be pretty convinced and yes I too say we don’t need to be “Mardaani




  1. I agree. To showcase a woman’s prowess, right from how she leads in a male dominated society by kicking ass to how she sacrifices herself for others, a “mard” is not a equivalent and should not be the inspiration behind the name.

  2. What you say is right, I myself cant undestand what is the big deal about being a MARD or MARDAANI.. especially from a bollywood masala movie that is made to earn money for the directors-producers actors etc etc .. The people who made them what they do in REAL life is more important.

    I do sometimes feel that the film industry and all celebrities for that matter should be answerable to what they portray as many a times they do entirely the opposite in there REAL life.

    and what you friend said about a LAdy being able to do all that a man can and Much more just proves they dont need to be a a MARDaani .. that to me in itself is a sexism.. why does on gender need to compete with the other when Both are equally important and cant survive without the other..


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