Needless to say we are a social entity and we live in a society which is rich in multiple cultures, languages and religions. Even if we don’t wish to then also we have to abide by these social regulations unlike nomads who have everything by themselves. Every single person is a victim of these rules and regulations may it be an infant or an adult.

One of my recent experiences while travelling in the Delhi metro is the reason behind this blog.

I was travelling in metro from Rajouri Garden stop to Noida City Center, Rajiv Chauk is known for its boisterous atmosphere. The moment the train stopped people gushed in and everyone started looking for a seat. Needless to mention I was sitting in the women’s compartment and a very ordinary looking girl who was already on phone sat by my side. I continued with what I was doing, after some time I could hear sobbing and then I saw she was crying. She wasn’t howling but I could see tears rolling down her cheeks. I didn’t know what to do and out of concern I offered her water and all I said was ” You wanna talk about it”. I have never done that before I don’t know what made me say that. And like they say one thing begets another and she started pouring her heart out.

She started with I don’t know you, so I know one thing is for sure that I will not be judged. I just nodded in affirmation and then there was no stopping.

“I am a grown up adult and I am forced to do things that I don’t wish to, and now you would say that the easiest way out would be if you don’t like it then don’t lump it just don’t do it but again to the square one I don’t want to hurt important people in my life. I want to do things but I can’t because of some or the other reason. I want to travel alone, I cannot do that because it’s not safe in India for a female to travel alone and even thinking of doing that in NCR is a sin. I don’t want to get married now, but still I have to consider it because apparently my father is very much worried about what my neighbor Sharma Uncle would say. I want to quit my current job and want to do something creative, but I cannot do that because I don’t have enough capital to support my business plan and trust me it is shit when you just need a vision and plan for a venture, you need money good and handsome amount of money. I don’t want to meet a random guy and just spend the rest of my life with him, I want to fall in love and then get married but I cannot do that because again there isn’t any timeline for it and I have timelines for everything. She mentioned many more things which were pity enough not to mention here but significant enough that she couldn’t do it. If I revolt then my mother cries her heart out and my father regrets sending me out for studying and working, my heart aches and I don’t wish them to think this way.

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At times in between I nodded to what she said and at times I also said what I thought about certain issues. She got down at Sector 18 metro station while I continued my journey and I couldn’t help but just think about what all she said to me.

Everyday we come across very heavy and philosophical adage which are definitely a good read but after this incident, I am not sure how practical they are. Can one still follow his or her heart despite of all these boundaries and responsibilities ?




  1. Good read. Ofcourse, she can follow, if she has the courage. The very same people whom she is worried about will appreciate her once she succeeds. Our society has changed, slowly, and it is possible. Many young women have done that already.

  2. I was once caught in the same situation as this girl. I can relate so much. I must say, the youth has changed a lot in the present world. They now vey well know how to fulfill their dreams along with keeping their parents happy.

    You’ve a lovely blog out here. Glad to follow your upcoming posts.


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