Dear Dad,

often your significance and sacrifices go unheard and unsaid. Usually mothers take away all the glory, but this post of mine is just to make you realize how blessed and how lucky I am to have you in my life.

You may shout while mom keeps her cool, you might get angry while mom keeps it low and silent, you might cross the line while mom always takes care of the boundaries but its you who is the foundation.

If mom is pride of the house, then dad is the spine of the house

if mom has teary eyes, then dad has the patience 

if mom cooks the meal twice a day, then dad makes sure there is enough to cook for the whole life

we often forget their contribution in our daily routines

If we face a minor stumble, then we tend to say  “ओह मा” (Oh Mother)

but if a truck stops right in front of us, then only “बाप रे” (Oh Father) comes out of our mouth

because for smaller issues we have our mothers

but when something big hits then fathers are the only resort.

Fathers are symbolic to the big tree,under whose cool breeze the whole family lives happily.


PS: That is my Dad. 🙂





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