It was a normal day for Priya, hurrying with the early morning routine so as not to miss the college bus. “Don’t forget to eat your breakfast” her mother shouted from the kitchen, oh God eating breakfast is another uphill task, she whispered. Finally she heads out and literally ran to the stop just to avoid all the hassle that she will have to go through in case she misses her bus.

She got into the bus, sat, plugged in the earphones and played her favorite number. The bus takes a pause at the next stop and her best friends climbs up in the bus. His eyes searched her and in no time he sat by her side. They talked, laughed and cracked some stupid jokes about their history teacher.

Priya and Varun were the best buds of the college. People would swear on their friendship in the college. They were looked upon as the epitome of friendship. She confided in him and she shared all her secrets with him. Varun was always there for her whenever she needed him.

And then one fine day she realized that this is it. He is the one for whom she has waited so long. He knows and understands her like no one else, he is there for her in every thick and thin and ensures that she gets through everything with a smile on her face.

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Priya was very sure that it is the love and nothing else and she doesn’t want to be just a friend of Varun, she wanted to take this bond one step ahead, But she got scared and hesitant. She thought she would lose him if he comes to know that she loved him and letting her interest be known can either break or make the relationship. The last thing she wanted was to reveal her feelings and lose a good friend because once done she won’t be able to undo it. But she loved him so much that she couldn’t keep it to herself and the feeling that she wanted something a little more than platonic relationship gave her strength and mettle to do it.

she made up her mind and stepped forward but the fear that she would never see him again if something goes wrong makes her step back but the love gave her the push,and in this hustle she did it, she poured her heart out in front of Varun.

She was in a state of shock and couldn’t hear anything for a while. She got back to her senses when Varun shook her and all Priya said was “I am sorry”, “I shouldn’t have said it”, “I think I should leave”. Vaun held her and made her sit again and he just uttered ” Do you feel this way too ?”. Priya just looked up at him and tears rolled over her cheeks and she felt contented like she has never been before.

Varun was also sailing in the same boat, he was also struggling with the feeling of love and friendship. Life has never been so beautiful for both of them as it was now. Priya is a lucky girl as she didn’t have to pick one she got both, her friend and her love.




  1. it is indeed a beautiful feeling to read this type of story; the couple who felt it must be DDamn lucky. And Lol the breakfast part is my daily story too.. Mom yells from kitchen ” kum se kum Doodh to pee le betaaaa” ..

  2. The innocence of their love, Ruby is charming and heartwarming. Lesson learnt – one must always share true feelings. As I recently wrote – “When you put yourself out there, anything can happen. If you don’t you don’t know what opportunities you may be missing.” And as you say, Priya, was lucky, because especially in matters of the heart, things don’t always work out this way. As Priya feared, things can go horribly wrong – but even that is preferable to not knowing. Thank you for sharing such optimism. The world needs that! HUGS <3


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