This post is coming up because one of my fellow bloggers liked a picture on facebook and just like her it made my day too. If you are wondering which is that picture so here it is


Every word and every emotion that this picture depicts is so true. It goes well for every relationship that a person can be in. I see my parents getting into a rift with each other but that doesn’t stop either of them from worrying about each other. My mother would still be concerned if my father had his meal on time and my father would still be concerned if she is having her knee pain. I fight with my sister over clothes but still before she heads out for a party I would check if her mascara is in place. Even after the ugliest arguments and fights my brother he would still drop me at my friend’s place for a late night party, not to forget he comes to pick me as well.

Even friends, no matter how much you argue with each other, have poles apart opinions on something but everything is kept aside when someone falls sick. You don’t even remember that you were mad, because the amount of care and concern surpasses that jiffy moment of madness.

Love and care are the feelings that supersedes everything, and like they  say where there is love there is ought be some fights and differences in opinion. But that in no world means that you give up on your loved ones. They are yours in every shape and every form. Something very popular from Indian advertisement which says “theda hai par mera hai” (it is twisted, but it is mine ), just fits very well in this context.


So guys, even if you are mad at your loved ones don’t let it overshadow your affection and don’t let it last for long. Give a kiss and make up, that how easy and simple it is. <3




  1. How gorgeous and delightful, dear Ruby! Caring is a true sign of love – love for a partner, a child, a parent or sibling, a stranger and … for oneself! Grievances and staying mad, get us nowhere. And Pride can be as much our greatest enemy as a friend. Thank you for this post! HUGS <3

  2. I too had a tedha and mera moment yesterday. This just fits perfectly in the situation. When I read it with my tedha friend, she was like tedhi hun par teri hun.. Made us smile both.. Cheers.. 🙂

  3. Ah, that’s where you Indian bloggers get your twisted storylines from, that very quote: theda hai par mera hai” (it is twisted, but it is mine)! 😉 Though your story isn’t twisted Ruby, it is certainly a common affair. Hopefully love and concern for one another trumps anger time and time again, especially with family and friends. If not, you know who you true friends are! 😉 <3


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