Homo sapiens are the most inquisitive creature in the world. Their desire to know everything is always burgeoning more and more. Right from life’s very small to the most significant questions, they want to know everything at the very moment.

Before a child is born the parents are curious to know the sex of the child, it is just about nine months and they can witness it by themselves but the eagerness takes away all the glory. May it be at work, at home or in relationships we always want to know everything instantly. Patience is the virtue, we all have completely forgotten it.

I sometimes wonder why can’t we wait for things, let them take their own sweet time and come out in a shape and form in which it is destined. Why to apply external forces of eagerness, curiosity and deform the whole result.

Curiosity and eagerness is good when it comes to learning and exploration. It is observed that people who have more curiosity are tend to be more keen towards learning and grasping. It is so strange how the same thing completely changes the result just with a little change in the context.

Over the last few months I have learned that we should not strive to know everything then and there. It is completely okay and normal if you don’t know all the answers. The thing that holds importance is your  enthusiasm, passion and willingness to learn and accept new things. If you are open to change and learning sooner or later you will get all the answers that you are looking for.

I came across a few pictures recently which had a huge impact on me. I would like you all to have a look at the below pictures

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Every single words is true to bits. When we have a stable mind all these big adages makes a lot of sense but at the time of any crisis our wisdom goes for a toss. We again become the human beings who are impatient and want to know everything right there.

Referring to the first picture, what caught my attention was the part which talks about the willingness to learn. Here learning doesn’t mean learning some hard core skill or techniques but learning to tackle our daily anxiety attacks, learning to take life as it comes, learning to smile no matter what the situation is. Learning is the only resort which can save ourselves from the unwanted anxieties and worries. Coming to the second picture it says continue the journey and trust the process, we should only focus on our next goal and should keep our deep faith and trust in the destiny that God has created for us. If we can follow religiously these two things all the answers will come to us, and that is exactly what the third picture depicts.

Isn’t it simple enough that we can comfortably practice it in our daily life. But we don’t, we have got into a habit of reckless thinking and worrying. keeping our eyes wide open all night long will not lead the sunrise early.

So it is my humble request to all of you out there to cut some slack and live life without unnecessary mental pressure and agony. Let it go, let some questions be unanswered, let some curiosity about some stupid things be intact. It is okay to be a human and not a super hero. It is okay if you aren’t the prim and proper person you are suppose to be. We have just one life, do live and don’t waste.




  1. In this digital age, when it seems that Google has all the answers, temptation is parked steadfast on our shoulders, begging us to find the answer with a few clicks. Good food for thought.

  2. Excellent Post! 😀 Its required today to just let the flow of life take us, which we do not allow. I guess we ourselves make things complicated for us. Good Thoughts! Keep Sharing! 🙂

  3. I love your blog and love your post. I’ve also been thinking a great deal, recently, about the value of slowing down, and of patience. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not rushed through. The joy is in the small details.


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