I have been looking everywhere,
I have been doing my bit,
but still it isn’t fair and yes its a mystery.

I have worked my eyes off,
met all the deadlines,
but still it’s not good enough, why ? still a mystery

I have loved with all my heart and soul,
gave every bit of me,
but still I have to prove, why such a fight? still a mystery

They say they want you to be happy,
want to get the world at your feet,
but just cant give the little that you need, why such hypocrisy? still a mystery

The desire and needs never ends,
got the thing but still want the thing part two,
you have everything you need, why the dissatisfaction ? still a mystery

its not only  M for Mystery but
L (Life) for Mystery too !!!!

This post is written as a part of ABC Wednesday and Write Tribe.

ABC Wednesday
ABC Wednesday
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