They say, home is where the heart is and for me pretty much everything comes from heart. There is no place like home, it is something irreplaceable. I stay far from my home and my family because of my work but there has been no festival or for the matter of fact even no birthday when I haven’t longed for home. I feel I belong there and I will be accepted there no matter what I do.

Diwali, needless to say is one of the biggest Hindu festivals in India. A time when every single person tries to take a break from their nomadic life and head home to be with their family and friends. I haven’t gone home for Diwali in the past two years, so this time I am just head over heels to run to home. I remember how helpless I felt seeing everybody packing and leaving for home but I couldn’t do because of some or the other good reasons. But this time I had made sure no matter what happens I am going home and so am I, in fact I am leaving tonight so you can very well imagine how closely I can relate to this gharwalidiwali theme.

Yesterday was a normal Saturday for me and I was surfing a popular social networking website when I stumbled upon the below video

This video left me with teary eyes and took me back to last two Diwali when I couldn’t be home. It made me realize how often we take our parents and home for granted. If we need them then there are very high chances that they need us too. I started remembering why the last two years I couldn’t go home for Diwali, 2012 I was in Hyderabad and couldn’t manage the leaves and in 2013 I was in Malaysia and couldn’t come home because of some stupid tax issue. Today when I sit and look back then I realize these were some very stupid reasons because of which I missed two splendid Diwali at home with my family and friends.

Often we go by the need of the hour and decide what is right for ourselves but what I would like to request to everyone out there is just for a moment think about your parents and family back at home. You can always earn more money, always convince your boss why you took emergency leave but you can never get back to these festivities ever again. The fun, the music, the prayers, the laughs, the Diwali dinner, the cracker, the lights and the warmth of the place called home can never be recreated.

So if you aren’t going home for Diwali for some or the other reason, look again you might get some nerve to press on and head home. You still have four days, figure out something, jump on a random train, or a bus or buy that expensive flight tickets but try just try one more time to come home because there is no Diwali like gharwalidiwali

This post is written as a part of contest from Indiblogger Diwali – a time for family!




  1. When you have the power of a hindsight, you most always conclude that you could have done better. Although the fact remains that no 2 situations are alike. I support this based on the hope which I have pinned on your good discretion. Rest is dust and echoes.

    That said, I agree with a full heart by the sentiment expressed to convey the felling of celebrating Diwali with one’s loved and cherished family and friends. There is nothing that comes even close to that feeling. May you celebrate this festival in a way that enriches your life.

    Enjoy #GharWaliDiwali

  2. Wonderful reminder of how valuable our parents can be- whether connecting with them in person or remotely. Makes me want to tell my parents that I know how lucky I am to have them.

  3. Just came back yesterday…
    #GharWaliDiwali was the best time of this year…
    The love showered on us…the surprised looks by all near and dear people…
    Again goodbyes were teary and hard..

    A good read. Happy Diwali.


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