Yesterday was a normal day for me. I got up at my usual time and the first thing that I did was checking my phone for any unattended messages. After fifteen minutes I finally stepped out of my cozy bed and then made some tea for myself. Mornings are generally full of a lot of hustle and bustle. We all try to compensate that extra 20 minutes  sleep by hurrying into everything but I make sure that I give my tea its own due time and attention. I pulled the bean bag and sat on it to enjoy my tea, not to forget my cellphone was in the pocket of my pajama all this while.


The moment I sat an involuntary action happened and my cellphone was again out from the pocket in my hand. I kept checking every nook and cranny of it as if some treasure was hidden in it. I finished my tea, got ready and headed out for work. I hired an auto to come to work, the moment I sat in the auto I again took out my phone and started fiddling with it.I am an I.T professional and needless to say my work involves continuous gazing at the computer for long hours. Even though the work is hectic still I manage to swipe through my phone many times.


I left office at the right time and the moment I sat in the auto the cellphone again came out. I was again looking into it expecting wonders to happen out of it.I am the first one to reach home, my two other flatmates come a little late than me. I got fresh and made a cup of tea, it takes away the tiredness of the whole day. For a fraction of second I thought should I open the television or should I open the laptop but I am so glad I ended up opening the book I was reading. After twenty minutes my flatmates arrived and we made dinner. One of my flatmates had some urgent office work so she started working and the rest two of us were waiting for the food. In another five minutes I opened the television and the third one also opened her laptop and started looking at the online shopping websites.

We three were pretty much busy in whatever we were doing and in that moment of time I realized we have become slaves of technology. If I have to describe how the living room looked the simplest way could be there were three fully functional machines present in the room.  After a long day at work we are together and instead of talking with each other we were busy performing our slavery for the technology. How mechanical and insensitive we all have become, and when I say this I put myself at the first to be blamed. We are so lost in the  advancement of the technology that we have forgotten the human touch and its warmth. I wonder how our next generation is going to cope up with this.

This thought moved me and I decided that I am going to end this slavery. I know it isn’t possible to let go of everything but I decided that everyday I am going to spend at least two hours away from technology and its innumerable luring options. I am going to invest some time going old school and talking to people directly rather than messaging them on facebook and gmail. Through this post I want to urge all of you to make sure that technology doesn’t take over you.




  1. Thoughtful post Ruby. I agree we are such slaves of technology….we all got to get back to old school ways of connecting with others. In these times when we can’t even imagine finding someone in a crowded place without a handy cellphone to find them, I sometime wonder how we did that in days when we didn’t have mobiles.

  2. A bit late to know that we are technology slaves. Before around 5-6 years, when I used to share my room with 2 other people we all the three would be looking at our laptops. Pin drop silence… and I don’t think world has got any better after that.

    Thoughtful of you to post something like this.



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