Tea or Chai is the one of the most popular hot beverages in India. It has a special place in every age group barring the young kids who should still stick to milk. After water it is the first thing that is offered to our guests. It takes away the tiredness and make you more alert and agile. Now that winters are going to be on full swing, the numbers of tea cups in a day is definitely going to go up. It is such a basic and yet so significant element of our lives that you would find it everywhere ranging from high class niche corporate offices to traditional central government offices and from college canteen to roadside stalls, tea has its own unbeatable presence everywhere.

I am an I.T Professional (I guess I have mentioned it before too :-P) and my work involves looking at the screen for long hours and keep moving the fingers. But we do have breaks one of which is for lunch and other for tea. The mornings are full of energy but as the day passes the body is fatigued and needs something which would rejuvenate the mind and body. The first thing which pops up in our head is a hot steaming cup of tea. I go for tea breaks with my colleagues (they too are tea lovers like me) twice in a day. We don’t have a very well equipped canteen so we walk out of our office premises and go to a tea stall to have tea. If you are wondering how the tea stall looks like below is the image.

Chai Stall 1

Chai stall 2

One day while we were heading back to our office after the tea, I started thinking what would it be like without these chai stalls. The chai break not only infuses some energy but it also gives you an opportunity to get up from your seat and stop staring at your computer screen for a while. It gives you time to talk to each other face to face rather than chatting through your organization’s chat server. I personally look forward to the tea break time every day. We do have our lunch breaks but tea break has its own charm and longings. I would like list out few points as to why this break is so important for all of us:

  • Gives a break: Once the lunch is over, we are glued to our seats and the chai break is an easy way out for some time off. It makes you take your eyes off of the monitor for sometime.
  • Time for talking: During the lunch time we don’t talk much abiding by the basic table manners but chai break has no such limitation. The conversation grows with every sip.
  • Everyone’s favorite: I know quite a few people who don’t drink chai but fortunately all of my colleagues are chai lover just like me so even if there is a crunch situation going on we still manage to take out time for our evening chai.
  • Light on pocket: The biggest benefit of being a tea lover is that you don’t have empty your wallets for it unlike various other fashionable coffee joints where you end up splurging all your money.

Nowadays there are so many different varieties of tea in the market like Lemon tea, honey ginger tea, tulsi tea, flavored tea etc. Still there is comparison to the conventional tea with a hint of ginger. That is my all time favorite. Have a look at it below.


I am sure you all will also have a chai story to share. Drop in your experience, would love to hear from you all.




  1. Lovely article Ruby. I agree to all 4 points you mentioned. I remember our last trip to Rajasthan last month. We had taken number of tea breaks throughout the journey while returning to Delhi as some of the group members were getting sleepy. Why number of breaks while driving – Because it refreshes you for some time (after a session of long concentration work) – Could be 5th point in your list – hehe 🙂

  2. Ruby.. tea stall you mentioned in your blog is my fav..reason I share a personal bonding with tea stall owner ..who always make a tea for me with sugar free in it (with no extra charge ;-))….it all started when we used to visit the stall very regularly and I used to inquire about his health and family on regular basis …unfortunately he had given this stall to someone else because of health reasons…I no longer enjoy going there….good to see our sizzling hot ‘Samosa’ and ‘Pakoras’ amking way to your blog 🙂


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