When I heard about this contest I was sure that I am definitely going to write about it. I took so many days to think over it not because I am not aware of my take on this issue but because I wanted to write facts and points which were not said or written before. I didn’t want to mention all the trite things which might take away the impact that I want to make through this post. First of all the answer to this question is very subjective and you will come across a variety of answers for it, but the contest strictly says “Are you for it or against it?” so I am going to stick to my point of view.

I am perfectly okay with the idea of pre-marital sex, I am aware that a lot of people consider it as a taboo and restrain from talking and expressing their views about it. But this is my den and I am free to express my opinions in all the possible ways. So coming back to the point I think it is completely harmless if two people are in love and they decide to take it one step further. The willingness of both the parties is something which matters not the opinion of others.

Whether to have sex before or after marriage is completely an individual’s prerogative. There is nothing wrong in a consensual sex whether we do it before or after marriage. People around us makes so much hullabaloo about it whereas we have much more important things to talk and shout about. We stand against the pre-marital sex but we do nothing against a man who rapes a women, force himself on her body and soul. Don’t you think we are missing out on the real subject and making fuzz about something which is very normal and should be catered with a lot of respect and candor.

I don’t promote sex for fun and one night stands. I am religiously against it. I believe that whoever is destined to be with me for the rest of my life should have a spic and span future with me. For me his past remains into past because the present and future holds more significance for me. We live in a world where people fall in love every day and every human being is driven by the idea that love and only love can heal their brokenness. So for me as long as the intention behind sex or rather making out is love and commitment, it is absolutely harmless in my eyes.

We can never prognosticate our future and so if future has something else for us then that is the destiny that was well in place way before we were born. It is important that we leave past in the past and move ahead. Life is very long and if you have had sex with someone else before marriage because you were hopelessly in love with each other there is nothing you should feel bad or sorry about. You were in love you did what you had to do. People do crazy things in love, all you did was just a sign of a passionate lover.

I might have drifted a bit from the topic because I get swayed away when we talk about love. So I am totally for the topic and I would like to spread the word that pre-marital sex isn’t any taboo. It is okay to let loose and let go of yourself until the force behind it is raw love and nothing else.


While writing about this issue I cannot help but mention the intriguing book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story” by Poonaam Uppal. You can have a detailed look on book here.

This post was written as a part of YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex a contest by Indiblogger.




  1. I am confused with this topic, at the age of 25 i have not experienced ever the need of sex before marriage and also can’t say that if my love make it so then what will be stand, its all about that moment but yes i am against the promotions which encourage nudity and all things. I suggest all my fellow bloggers, writers intellectuals to write something against media, the advertisment company, they are real threats who always used ladies just as an object. So many Ads from deo to condom, fairness cream to coke everywhere i personally feel that they are not just selling products but also ladies dignity. So please do something, write something and yes about sex its individuals decision and better if people keep this all with themselves. 🙂 Keep writing

    • You are actually confused with the topic, you missed on the question here. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you are for it or against it as long as you know you can sleep with the explanation. It is all fine.

      • Indiblogger should give something better topics, if these are individual choice then whats the use to discuss. I would be more happy if my sisters and brothers would talk about Nirbhaya, If they right in favor of ladies. I suggest you to write on a topic “Reclaim the Night” because today girls are afraid to go outside in night and government has done nothing, even the fund raised after nirbhaya incident went unused. Even i would appreciate if you write against ad company who are misleading consumers.


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