GOSF is all over the place these days. There is no website which isn’t flashing the GOSF sale, all you have to do is open a browser and there it is tdaaaah. Even if you want to you cannot stop yourself as the ads and offers are so luring that you can’t help but click on them. That was all you have┬áto do, now you have landed on the sale website and I am sure you aren’t going to checkout until you dig a big hole in your pocket.

Online shopping has anyways caused so much damage to the bank balance, this sale has been an icing on the cake. No doubt that these offers and discounts are attractive and you tend to fall for them but it doesn’t mean you end up buying anything. Just because it is on discount that doesn’t justifies its usability in any way. Just to reach to a certain amount, so that the discount can be applied we end up adding unnecessary items in our cart.

I am saying so because I have done that too and that’t how I have realized what this online shopping has done to us. On the other hand I have seen very sensible buyers too who were pretty proactive and prepared for this big sale. My flatmate is one of them, she had selected the items and added to her wishlist so that she can make the most out of this big sale without wasting even a single minute.

I have never been very good with sales even if I manage to buy something eventually either it is exchanged or returned. I am sure I have company here. So in another few hours the sale would be over and things will get back to normal. So here’s how you can make the most out of this yearly GOSF sale.

  • Buy as per your needs, don’t splurge there will always be another sale remember Christmas and new year is around the corner.
  • Restrain from spending 900 just to save 200, it is an unnecessary spending of 700. Simple maths you see.
  • Compare the prices across various sites so that you don’t end up paying extra money.
  • Don’t be greedy remember greed begets greed.

I know I am pretty later for this post but like they say better late than never.

Wishing all the readers a happy and sensible shopping.





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