Fear is a state of mind which makes you do things which you should never do. It is fear of losing people, fear of undesirable consequences, fear of society, fear of parents and a lot more which stops up from doing the right thing. We lie, cover up, hide things because  of fear, but like every feeling can be overpowered fear is no different.

I recently stumbled on the below video of Mountain Dew which promotes the idea of rising above fear #RiseAboveFear, do have a look at it. For more details on this please visit https://www.facebook.com/mountaindewindia

This reminds me of a time when I was scared to speak up for myself and today writing this post makes me so happy that I surpassed my fear and stood up for myself. I am an IT professional and I work for a renowned company. When I was in the last semester of my engineering I wasn’t able to clear any of the campus interviews so I couldn’t bag any job for myself. Most of my friends did and that made me really sad for myself. One of my uncles told my father that there are some job openings in the Department of Posts and my father persuaded me to apply there. Being a central government job my father was completely drooled over it whereas I wasn’t interested at all as I was highly overqualified for that job. Nevertheless when you don’t have anything in your hand you have to follow the elder’s orders.

I applied for the job and as expected I cleared it with flying colors. The college was over and I still had no job in my hand so I had to join the Department of Posts. I joined there as a Postal Assistant right after my college was over. Most of my friends were placed here and there and they were waiting for the joining letters. Days passed and I kept going to that place which I didn’t like a bit. There were people who knew nothing about the technology but would act so smart as if they knew everything and I was a novice there. The atmosphere, the work culture, the people I wasn’t really meant for it. I was just going there for the heck of going.

I was consistently applying every where else so that I could secure a decent job for myself. Knowing all my friends are shifting to another city and doing the kind of work they should do, made me so sad and helpless. Then the off campus hiring for Accenture happened and I bagged the job. It was October when I got the job and I got the joining in March, meanwhile I had continued my job in Department of Posts.

As March came closer I had to decide which way I wanted to opt. If it has to be my way then I needed to resign and if it had to be otherwise I had to say No to Accenture. At this point of time there were many people who tried to convince me by highlighting the benefits of a central government job and how a female’s future is secure in it. At times I realize our relatives and neighbors have nothing worthwhile to do except poking their nose everywhere else. I knew what I wanted to do and what exactly I wanted for my life but I was scared to face my father. The fear kept me silent for many days.

But one fine day it got me chocking so much that I kept my fear aside and confronted my father and my mother. I told them that I wanted to take this job and that this government job isn’t doing any good for me. My parents somewhere knew what I wanted but the lucrative government job kept them on. I stepped ahead of my fear and talked it out and in the end my parents agreed to what I wanted, I took the risk of leaving a secured job to follow my dreams in a world of uncertainty. The next day I resigned from that job and a day later I took the flight to Bangalore where I started my career.

It has been 3 years and 9 months since I am working and I am so happy and content with my life and the decision that I took long time back. So if you are stepping back because of some fear then take a chance, overcome your fear and you will definitely achieve victory.

This post was written for Indiblogger as a part of Rise above fear! contest.




  1. OMG Ruby…It seems like I am reading my own Story.

    I too left my Central government job for Accenture in 2010. Same pinch!
    Cheers to us 🙂


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