I am the kind of person who feels more cold than any other normal person does. Just 2-3 days before I was complaining that December isn’t feeling like it should and here I am writing this post.

On Saturday I was leaving for my sister’s place and the moment I sat in the auto and it started raining. I was shocked to see the sudden droplets coming all over and around me and in no time I could sense the first petrichor of the season. It was blissful and I  just closed my eyes and let the droplets touch my face. It was getting cold but I remained like that until I started shivering. On my way I noticed the sky went all back and in no time it was all dark and in my mind just one things popped up “Winter is coming”. Yes it has come from the legendary “Games of thrones” (The name of the very first episode :-P). I took some pictures from the metro station which would clearly support what I just said. Have a look.

IMG_20141214_153622473_HDR IMG_20141214_165020514_HDR IMG_20141214_165028146 IMG_20141214_165010003_HDR

I am not a winter person but this change has brought certain energy with it.  So here I am embracing the change and welcoming the chill with open arms. Say hello to more chill, fog, tea and coffee.

Happy winters all my fellow bloggers.




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