Country roads take me home, the first line that comes to my mind with the word vacation. I have been on various trips and vacations with friends and colleagues but the ones with the family is always special and close to heart. One more thing that has always made me more excited about the vacations are my two little nieces. They both are my first cousin’s daughter and I along with my sister like to pamper them too much.

Most of the vacations that I had with them were to our village and we always chose the road trips for that. Taking a train would shrink down the travel time and the fun. We start our journey with a different perspective and their would be entirely different. I remember last winters when we all left for our village they both were the most excited ones. Some of us were complaining that we had to take leave from work, postpone the important meeting and blah blah but these two angles were on some other joy ride.

We were going there for some important paper work regarding the property which required the presence of everyone. So it was a mix of work and vacation for us. Okay I haven’t told their names yet the older one is Aayushi and the younger devil is Manvi. No trip is complete until we all play their favorite “Antakshri”(a game related to bollywood songs). It changes the mood upside down and everyone starts singing on the top of their lungs. While the elders keep a constant watch on time so that we reach in the stipulated time, these two girls will make sure that we stop at their favorite dhabas and spend some time there. They have their ways of stopping us the popular ones are the nature call, motion sickness and feeling of puke.

The last trip was also full of their drama and mischief. On our way they notice the bright yellow mustard field and the next thing that we know is they want to get into the field to click some pictures. Normally we would have passed those fields without even noticing but these kids they really tell us how to find happiness in even the smallest of things. We got down and had such a nice time, the below pictures would confirm my statement.

FotorCreated1 FotorCreated2

Travelling with kids is always fun filled and exciting. There is always something new in their store to surprise you. They let you come out of your monotonous corporate life and live life there is no tomorrow. The fun banter, the stubbornness to buy roadside things, the frequent pee breaks and even their choice of song in the car all these things take me to my childhood. So even for a day or two I relive my childhood days and act carefree and wild just like them.

While traveling with kids is fun it is a big responsibility as well. There has to be an eye continuously on them to watch their actions. A slightest of the distractions can land them in trouble. May it be crossing the roads, waving their hands outside the window and for the matter of fact their health while traveling. We always ensure that there is enough supply of all the relevant medicines and water with us so as to avoid any trouble with them. My nieces are my bundle of joy and I just love the energy they ooze out every time we go out on such trips.

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