Today’s topic is very common and yet sensitive, it is truth. It might sound very trite but truth has the power like no other. Like Buddha said three things cannot be hidden “the sun, the moon and the truth”, this statement is true to bits.
Truth might be a little scary and difficult at the outset but it is the ultimate resort in the end. It is the only way you will be able to breathe without any hitch and sleep without any nightmare.
Generally the incidents which would be most likely get featured would be of lying to your parents. Lying to them for going on a trip, hiding the fact that you would be going for a night club, lying about the drink that your mother would accidentally notice in your photographs and many more. The list is non exhaustive. But I have a different story when it comes to this angle. I have always been very open to my parents in this regard. I wasn’t very well off so I had never seen a night club until I started making money of my own. Apart from it my parents always knew which trip I am going to which movie I am watching and all the other stuffs. So basically I don’t have a story to share which would involve my parents but I do have one.
Just few months back my friend confronted me some facts and I had all the reasons to lie. In fact I did as well. I thought a small lie wouldn’t hurt much and it might do some good in the long run. Little did I know. Just after some days we started having fights and arguments because totally it was not my cup of tea. After many days of stretch I told him the truth. I felt relieved but at the same time I wasn’t really aware of what the consequences will be. They were pretty huge trust me when I say this. I lost all my friends, literally all my friends. I was left alone. I had nobody to talk to and speak my heart out. But may be it was a blessing in disguise as my solitude resulted in this blog and many short trips. It hurt me so much to see all my friends together and celebrating the precious moment of their lives with each other. Only I wasn’t a party to it. I was paying the price of speaking the truth and taking a stand in my life. I am not saying that I was right throughout the whole process. I have done mistakes and have been wrong many a times but hiding and covering up the facts and figures wasn’t really the way. So I took the road less travelled and chose to speak the truth.
I sometimes wonder now how things would have been if I hadn’t told the truth. It looked very rosy but just a for minute or so just the very next moment things were falling apart. So I was rest assured that I did the right thing by speaking the truth. Maybe I have paid a big price to it but I take it as the punishment of my deeds.
Only after I uttered the truth I was able to sleep peacefully though alone but I manage to do that. I am happy now and very content too. I took a lot of time to forgive myself but now at this very moment I feel proud that I had the guts to stand up and speak the truth.
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