Here is another interesting Happy hour post by Indiblogger. This blog is about various features of Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with Intel Inside. Micromax has always come up with very unique products may it be cellular phones or the tablets.

The features and credibility of Micromax phones and tablets are well known in the market. Their sturdy design and sleek appearance makes them good for every age group. I remember my mother using the Micromax tablet with such ease. Nowadays the market is flooded with phones and tablets from various brands but it is very important that you select the right one.

I have to basically describe about my new year resolutions and how Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with Intel Inside will help me in achieving the same. The first resolution that I am taking is to take blogging more seriously. I want to learn about more tools and technique which would help me in boosting my blog. There are various aspects of blogging which are still to be explored. Micromax Canvas Tab P666 would help me in achieving the same. With its lightning speed and high browsing pace I will be able to explore all the available features and tools popular in the blogging world. Along with blogging I also want to learn more about image processing and image editing softwares. With the help of high speed and buttery smooth navigation of Micromax Canvas Tab P666 I will be able to learn more quickly and efficiently.

Another resolution for year 2015 is to read more and more books. I will be reading at least 2 books per month and I am quite serious about this resolution. Now the all-new Canvas Tab P666 is going to take care of this resolution as well. I can save as many ebooks as I want in the tab and read them even when I am on the go. Micromax Canvas Tab P666 comes with an Intel Atom Processor which is famous for its high speed and uninterrupted performance.

Micromax Canvas Tab P666 not only caters to all my work related requirements it also allows me to seamlessly switch between work and play. It comes with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology for Smooth Multi-Tasking which helps you performing multiple tasks at the same time without any lag or hindrances. With a RAM of 1 GB and the innovative Intel Burst Performance Technology you will be experiencing better performance every time.

To sum up the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 and its amazing features are not only going to help me achieve my new year resolutions it is also going to take care of my entertainment needs. A completely balanced product which is definitely going to bring a revolutionary change in the world of tablets.

Attaching  a video of Micromax Canvas Tab P666 below.

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