A few days back I witness two things which made me laugh and smile. I instantaneously clicked pictures of both of them so that I can share it with you all.

I along with my colleagues had gone out for lunch to celebrate the first Monday of the year. Weird ha, who celebrate Mondays but we did cut some slack that day. Say thanks to the new year.

We entered the restaurant and after few minutes the menu card was on the table. I got the drinks menu, still don’t know why. The moment I opened the card I couldn’t help but smile. You want to know why see the picture below.


I have never heard or read such a lame explanation to promote the sale of liquor.

Okay if this wasn’t enough the same evening when we went out for tea I had another splendid visual treat. We went to “Chai Thela” for tea and the moment we got out tea I noticed the slogan written over the cup. It was indeed funny and very creative. Have a look at the below pic


Isn’t tea the best thing that happens to you everyday. It helps me so much to get through everything and I agree to bits to every word written on the cup.

Have you ever seen anything so funny and creative that you could dedicate a post over it? Let me know.





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