The wafers are now over and the cold drink bottle is also empty.
Watch it carefully, don’t spill on the seats they are leather finished.
Use the tissue people to wipe everything off as it is my new car.
Don’t store the mess in the front drawer,
Just slide the window down, and toss it outside.
For there is so much on the road,
A one or two more will not make a hug difference.
I don’t have to try hard for it, it is something which comes innate,
You know why?
Because I am a litter lover literate.

The clock is running fast and it is ten already.
I should have reached the office by now.
Why are these postal color stains not cleaned yet,
I like my walls and floors to be spic and span.
The maid ran right to his room and started swiping it sparkling clean.
With my mouth full of red water and
With the tupper wear lunch box I hit the road.
I cannot hold on it anymore I need to let it out.
Spotted a corner or a wall and shower it real hard.
For I found an apt place, at least I am this much considerate,
But the moral remains still the same,
You know why?
Because I am a litter lover literate.

Today is the day when I finally embark on my road trip.
The one I have been planning since ages.
My bags are packed, the route is decided just I have to hit the road.
I held the kiddo and kissed her on her cheeks,
and she reciprocated by playing a little ease on her bladder.
I shouted on top of my voice as she spoilt my travel tee.
I calmed myself for she is my little adorable neice.
Cleaning yourself and keeping the excitement level high,
I hit the road with my fellow bikers.
Just in sometime I got a nature call and needless to say it cannot be ignored for long.
I got down and embraced the nature with my hidden talent.
I had no choice I had to do it, there was nothing deliberate,
And If I have to, I will do it again,
You know why?
Because I am a litter lover literate.

I am the best wife and best daughter in law one can get.
I keep my house clean and do my laundry at time.
I protect my family by keeping the garbage out of their proximity.
I wonder how Mrs. Shukla can’t even do this much as Mr. Shukla keeps calling in sick.
Doesn’t she understand how important cleanliness is in our lives.
While I indulge in a eulogy for myself let me gulp on a banana and Orange.
Mr. Mishra has done good job with their balcony, I ponder while standing in mine.
The fruit peel might invite some flies let me just throw it at the garbage heap,
anyways it is close to our clumsy neighbor’s house.
It is okay to do so as they aren’t that cleanliness and hygiene articulate
I do it all the time and boast about it,
You know why?
Because I am a litter lover literate.


This is a small satire on the cleanliness ideology of all the literates around us. For more information or more content on this visit

I am also attaching a video here which will compel you to think and will make you realize that you deal with such people day in and day out. Have a look at the video below.

This post is written as a part of The Great Indian Litterbug by Indibloggers.





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