Yes Delhi is drenched in the election fever but it is okay to talk about other things as well. So this is my long awaited post about the AIB (All India Bakchod) controversy. So AIB is basically an acronym for All India Backchod, which is a group of four people Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba, Ashish Shakya and Rohan Joshi. All four of them are blessed with gift of gab and are very famous for their comic timings and sense of humor. They are very popular for their videos on Youtube and they enjoy the hits in millions and billions.

AIB members

Recently this group organized an event called AIB roast of famous Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Actor Director Karan Johar was also invited to the event. Needless to say the tickets were sold in no time instead of being overpriced. The clear reason was the popularity and craze of AIB among the audience. The roast panel also included former “MTV Roadies” head Raghu Ram, stand-up comics Aditi Mittal, Abish Mathew and film critic Rajeev Masand.

roast roast2

The concept of this roast event was that each and every member will come on the podium and will make fun of the rest of the members in every possible way. The main targets however were the star guests Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Karan Johar acted as a host and kick started the show with his roasting of everyone else. So if I have to explain this to a layman it would be like a group gathered to make fun of each other and a bigger group paid to watch that event. So if on earth anyone should have a problem with this, that person should belong to either of the groups. But apparently nothing like that happened the roast panel enjoyed the session and the audience too had a gala time. Later the whole show was uploaded on YouTube in a series of three part. Like a true AIB fan I did watch all three videos and trust me they were hilarious. There were punches which literally got me on the floor. Yes it involved few abuses and slander but the intention was made clear at the outset in their disclaimer.

After a few days I heard that there was an FIR filed against all the actors present in the roast for promoting obscene content publicly. They were charged with a lot of good sections and I wondered why do they forget all these sections when it comes to other important social issues.


I felt sad as to what has gone wrong with the humor sense of everyone. There are way more important issues out there which aren’t addressed yet and which are important for everyone. Such events happen everyday some place or the other, just because it involved few eminent personalities you would start with your moral policing. It is so amusing that the law and order is also highlighted as per the convenience. There are many cases of rapes, domestic violence, eve teasing which goes unrecorded and it would be great if you take your eyes off few people who are making fun of each other and start focusing on the real issues of the society.

The AIB group responded to this hullabaloo by saying “Nobody forced you to watch it”. And I thought it was more than enough of an answer to the nuisance created. Yes exactly nobody forced you to watch it. You watch it because you like AIB and you knew it would make you laugh your ass off. You had all the fun and now you are trying to capitalize on the content. It was a friendly banter, nothing less and nothing more. It wasn’t meant to hurt any religion or any personnel.

Unfortunately after all this controversy AIB took down the video and it is no longer available on YouTube. It makes me morose. In our hectic lives we seldom get a chance to laugh our lungs out and trust me it was one of the few chances. Have you seen the AIB roast videos ? If yes do share your opinion on this controversy.

PS: All the images are taken from Google search and I give the due credit to the owners.




  1. I saw the first part and had to leave for some work so decided to watch the rest later but by then it had been pulled down! I don’t think there’s need to make such a big controversy about it! It’s known that a lot of people talk in such foul language among friends without inhibitions! And the whole banter wasn’t dirty or filthy as people are putting it, just parts really. And they’d issued warnings beforehand. Just like is done with films with adult content. They don’t ask for bans on blue films, do they? Then why this?

  2. i did not like the fact of filing FIR against them, but also did not like the fact that AIB apologized to the “christian” community. It seems all their stand went into vain.

  3. I have seen it and I must say I enjoyed the video a lot. But I can’t fully agree with the fact that it might not harm the society. Like somebody said here, we the educated would laugh and go back home and forget about it the next day but what about blind celebrity followers?

    The roast encourages jokes on color, which is a bit aggressive I say since we have both fair and dark skin tones in every region of our country. Not everyone would take the abuse in the right sense, imo.

  4. You already know my views by now .. i got nothing against AIB as such but yes I got everything against the celebreties that participated and those who were in the audience..
    our nations is already such racist place and the jokes cracked .. no way

    dont want to repeat it all over again what my stand is 🙂


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