We all live in a word where everyone has certain goals and all their lives they work to achieve it and just when it is achieved a new goal surfaces. We humans are very greedy. We are never content with what we have, our solace always lies in the things that we don’t have. We slog for it, give up our vacations, say no to friends and sacrifice our little burst of laughter just to achieve that big fat dream. that’s how it works and I really don’t like this protocol. I read somewhere that passion is something which is very overrated in our society. It is very much fine to not to be passionate about anything, just to be a simple person that you are. At times I wonder what if there was no dream, there was no goal and there was nothing to worry about.

Life would be much simpler and easier. World would be full of people with genuine smiles on their faces rather than than the wrinkles on their forehead. People would be doing what they love rather than sacrificing their desires for something big. Have you ever wondered what all you would have done if there was nothing to worry about in your life. I had also never thought of it but today I have given it a good long thinking and I came up with a quite big list of things. I would list it down for you all.

  • Be a globetrotter: My first and foremost desire is to travel the world. In a scenario where I don’t have to scratch my head thinking about logistics and budget travelling the world would be the first thing that I would like to do. My first target would be some specific states of India and later Europe. I have always been fascinated with the the idea of euro trip and considering how ardent a Shahrukh fan I am, the desire of loitering in the euro streets needs to be satiated soon. Generally when I plan for a trip there are many things to take care budget, safety, location and many more but in an ideal scenario where I don’t even have to think about it my happiness would go leaps and bounds.
  • Start my business: Ever since I have started working and earning I always wanted to do something of my own. I couldn’t do it till now because of many constraints which mainly include funds and time. I have a full time job because of which I am not able to work on my idea and money is always less no matter how much you earn. How cool would it be if I don’t have to worry about any such thing and do what I always wanted to do.
  • Shop till I drop: Like every other female shopping without worrying about the figures in your account is my biggest fantasy. I would probably go and buy everything that I always wanted to buy but I couldn’t because of the price tag. The first purchase would be a sizzling red car that I always wanted to drive by myself. Next I would buy a small and cute apartment for myself which I would be decorating as per my wish, nobody would be allowed to say no to a yellow wall. What a world would it be and how happy I will be.
  • Relationship labyrinth: In out Indian society we all very closely knitted with our families and relatives. We are obliged to be happy and pretentious in front of them. When I say relationship I am not talking about the bonds with parents, brother and sisters, it is everybody else who I am referring to here. I would like to be free of this relationship web, I would like to be genuine and true with them. I want to tell them that I don’t like this advice of yours whenever I feel like rather than worrying about the hundred other good facts. I would want to utter the truth and not pretend just because they are my family members.
  •  The nubile age and the food freedom: In India as soon as you hit a certain age, everyone around you has just one question “When are you getting married”. My life would be way more happier and easier if I don’t hear that question popping out from every direction. I would shut all the questions around me because I would not have to worry about the age various other associated whereabouts. Another thing that I would do is to eat whatever I like without worrying about calories and getting fat. Every pastry that I pass on, every chocolate bite I say no to will be so much happy with me.

You must be wondering what made me write this post today, the below video is the answer to it. Please have to look at the video below.

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  1. It would be a sooo amazing to live in a world like this! But unfortunately it’s not gonna happen anyone soon! 🙁
    And contrary to your post, people will start worrying and fussing over a lot more than they usually do today! :/


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