Getting married is definitely a huge thing for the two parties involved but they do affect a lot of other people in many profound ways. This takes me back to the time when my best friend Rashmi got married to her long time college sweetheart. I along with my other two friends were very happy for her. She was getting married to the person she love and nothing can bring more joy to a relationship than this.

Her marriage had also gone through a lot of turbulence when her mother wasn’t in agreemnt of the guy, but considering how tenacious she is, she made it work. The two people were in love, they got married and we all were very happy. Just few days later we realized that things weren’t the same anymore and that we have lost her to the holy matrimony. The random cafe visits, surprise raide to each other’s houses, borrowing clothes from each other stopped, not instantly but gradually. She had so many things to attend and so many places to be at the same time.

We had accepted this fact and we were prepared to hear a “no” or “sorry” whenever we made random plans. We understood. We were never upset about it but yes we do missed the time when we were carefree and we didn’t had to think about any constraints. Today she is a mother of an adorable daughter and I love to see how much she has grown as a person, as a wife and as a mother.

The fact still remain the same that we lost her to marriage. Things get better, things get worse but they are never the same. We miss the old days, the carefree us but we also celebrate the present. This is a picture of us and the girl in pink is our dearest married friend.


History is now going to repeat itself as I am preparing myself for losing another friend to marriage. My friend Kritika who is also my flatmate is getting married in the month of May. So here I am, going to venture another friend loss.

This post is actually a precursor for all her wedding fun and preparation. The photographs and videos taken at the time of wedding will remind you of the fun and revelry all your life but the preparation for the same also counts. How much you slog for just one glorious day should also be documented. So I have decided that I will be writing a post for every milestone that we cross for her wedding preparation. This might make the loss a little less painful for me.

The posts might get a little personal and may not interest you as it would be specific to a person and an event but I am very excited to begin this wedding post series. Hoping that this series would also make you a part of this wedding and you would enjoy every step of it just as much as we are enjoying. So please join me in celebrating the preparations for the big day for my friend. This is a virtual invitation to all my blogger friends.




  1. This is part of life, Girl. All you need to move on, make some new friends. And no one know this struggle better than me, seven school changes, thanks to my father. Finally some stability in college, and that’s for only three years. Move on, all I can say, and make some new friends 🙂


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