Quickr is the most revolutionary thing that has happened to the Indians. The idea of reselling your old goods has been a boon for both the seller as well as the buyer. Quickr has been a great platform in bringing the idea into actions. Started with the basic concept of connecting the needy to the needer, quickr has revolved way too much with time.

We all know how Quikr works. You paste your items which you want to sell off along with your contact information and anybody who finds that product interesting contacts you for futher clarifications. Usually the buyer calls you and ask more specific details about the product. With time people have started misusing the contact information. It has been observed that people give random calls to the seller and ask hundred good questions and then they don’t turn up. This irritates the sellers and they tend to avoid the calls which in turn hampers the actually interested buyers. This is a big loss for the genuine buyers.

The problem of hoax calling has increased exponentially and to curb this issue Quikr has come up with the chatting option. As we all know that we can connect more proavtively by using Quikr application which can be very easily downloaded on the android phones. The chatting option has come up as a rescue for all the genuine buyers. This option allows you to chat with the buyer so that you can get in touch directly and enquire about the product. The chat option has many advantages over connecting on phone or email, predominantly listed below:

1. Convenience: When someone calls you to enquire about your listed product you might be in the loo, in the middle of a market or in an important business meeting. Even though you have the highest will to sell off your product but you won’t be able to because of the need of the hour. Chatting helps the buyer to drop their messages so that you can cater to it whenever you have time. This way you don’t have to miss on the important details and your interested buyers. The buyers will drop the messages to the targeted sellers and the sellers will respond to the buyers as per their convinience and time. This is a win win situation for both the parties.

2. Because you are not a Computer: Another important reason that chatting has become a revolutionary idea is because it capitalizes on the fact that you cannot remember each and every detail all the time. You don’t have a computer’s CPU to register and record every question asked by your buyer. Chatting helps you in keeping a record of the conversation that the buyers and sellers have with each other. It makes you remember the questions asked by the buyers and the details to be furnished to them with the timelines.

3. Keeps a record: The conversation that you have over the phone has no record. There is no record of the commitment that the seller makes and the prices that the two parties come to terms to. Chatting helps you to keep a record of the conversation that both the parties can later refer to in case of any disagreement. No party can devaite from the promises that they make while making the deal.

If you too have something which is lying in your house unnecessary then it is high time that you login to the Quikr’s website and try your hands on it. To explore more about it visit http://www.quikr.com/ and follow @quikr. If you have already tried Quikr and explored the chat option then do share your experience.

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  1. Interesting. .

    I wonder what and how is tax or vat etc calculated a big nightmare for inland revenue. .

    We have “gum tree” here in UK on similar patters and it has also become a rage..


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