With the word family the first person who flashes in front of my eyes is my mother, though everyone else also have their own contribution but you always have a favorite. My mother is the most beloved of all. The second place would go to my sister. We both are very close knit and we share almost everything with each other.

My mom has always been a source of timeless guidance and encouragement. Since my childhood I have always looked up to her in case of any help. She is my friend, philosopher and confidant. I was hesitant in sharing things with her till a certain age but now I confide in her. She is the first teacher of my life. Right from some fundamental teachings of life to the most complex issues she has a solution for all.

She has always made me understand how important family and its members are in your life but when you set out of your shell you are on your own. She has always prepared me for the day when I would hop out in the uncertain world and would be on my own. Initially I thought she meant for financial stability but with time I understood it has to do with a lot of other things too. It was more about how to conduct yourself with everyone else, how to hold your morals high and how to make sure that you don’t hurt someone intentionally. She clearly explained me that money is very important but it is not everything. This was, is and will be one of the biggest things that I have learnt from her. She taught me to save enough for future by cutting down unnecessary expenses not by cutting down your experiences. Being a female she knew what paths and what turns I would be facing in my life so she wanted me to live this life fullest and her right guidance at the right time has helped me galore in my life journey.

No matter how much ethics and vision your well wishers instill in you, there are mistakes which are inevitable. My mother not only supported me when I did the right things but she also stood by me whenever I have done some terrible things. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, made a lot of impulsive decisions and wrong choices but she never left my hand. This was the time when my sister also stood by my side and supported me like a wall. They both made me understand that things happen for a reason and they would have happened anyways. The biggest lessons of all time that I had learnt during those times was to forgive yourself. I was deep buried in the guilt that I wasn’t able to see anything except my mistakes and shortcomings. My mother and my sister taught me to make peace with whatever has happened and forgive yourself.

My life was stuck and without their guidance and continuous support it would have been always stuck but thanks to them I have moved on in my life.  I forgave myself and learnt from my mistakes. No matter where you go what you do, there is one place where you can always come back and that is “home” and there are people who would always understand you and they are your “family”.

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