This goes way back in 2010 when I was in the final year of my Engineering. Since the first year I have always looked up to my cousin who was already an engineer and was working for a premier Information Technology Company. I was really awed by him and all I wanted was to become like him. Little did I know?

Years passed and during the third year a lot of companies visited the campus for selection but I couldn’t get through in any of them. It was a depressing time for me. I could see all my friends getting placed and I felt as if I was inept for the job. The scenario didn’t change till I passed out. While all this was creating turbulence in my life my father got to know about a Central Government job opening in Department of Posts. I wasn’t willing to join that job but I did, under duress though.

Months passed but that desire of leading an independent life was undying. I was doing my job but at the same time I was struggling for what I really wanted to do. By God’s grace I did grab a good job later the year. Just when I was a little happy there were hundreds of people to eye on my smile.

I wanted to resign from my current job and join my dream company. I had the offer and there was no one who could stop me. There were innumerable discussions on Government Jobs versus Private Jobs. Even the most lucrative of the perks of my current job couldn’t convince me to hold on to it.

I was determined. I was sure. I went straight to my parents because out of the whole world I only cared about their opinion and guidance. I told them my point and they understood me. They took all my points very well. They didn’t try to hold me back emotionally. They supported me. I could never thank them enough for it. No matter how much determined I was their support made me dead sure of what I was going to do.

With the consent of my parents I went ahead to embark on my new journey. It was a new start for me. I was trying to create a home away from home. I missed my parents every moment but I guess it was required so that I could be strong enough to survive by myself.

The decision of sticking to the dream that I had seen ever since helped me getting through the tough time. I was learning everything right from the very basic to very complex. I was growing with every day. With every birthday along with growing old I grew wiser too. It was #StartANewLife for me.

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