Delhi being the capital city of India has its own highs and lows. It boasts the diversity of culture and is home to people from all over the country. With a population of 23 million people Delhi has been kind enough to welcome more and more people every day. I have seen Delhi growing and developing as a metropolitan city since past four years. But like they say every rose has its thorn and so does Delhi. Even with continuous progress in every area Delhi is still struggling with its commutation. With the population increasing every day commutation in Delhi has become a major concern for everyone now.

Insane traffic on the way back home from work.
Insane traffic on the way back home from work.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has been a big solace in sorting the transport problems. But the bigger picture still remains the same. With the influx of more and more cars on Delhi roads every day the general public has so much to manage and deal with. For someone who doesn’t own any vehicle moving from one place to another used to be an uphill task. But with the numerous newly launched affordable cab service in Delhi we are stepping towards more ease and management.

Even though Delhi has vast network of Metro, Buses and Autos but still taxi service in Delhi has come up as boon for the general public. Delhi Metro might not be accessible in all the areas. I often end up changing the transport mode many times to reach a destination. For example if I have to reach the New Delhi Railway Station I first have to take an auto till the metro station and then take a metro to the Railway Station. It becomes very cumbersome, not to forget that I carry one or two bags too. To cope up to these kinds of situations I now have a long list of cheap Delhi cab services to choose from.

There are days when you don’t feel like taking the pain of busting yourself in the crowded metro or driving yourself to the work place. Earlier in such a situation you would get stuck but now the Pocket-friendly Delhi cab services have changed the scenario upside down. It saves you from the unnecessary haggling with the Auto drivers and the insane crowd of Metro. With so much advancement in technology your cab is just a click away. It has worked wonders from me as it offers safety along with convenience. I would any day prefer a hassle free cab ride to a destination that to burn myself with the hectic public transport options. For more convenience I have saved the numbers of all my preferred cab vendors so that my ride is just a dial away.

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