Happiness is a journey not a destination. The day we realize this we would look for happiness even in the smallest of the things. We work so hard not to earn money but to buy things that would make us happy and if we don’t know what that thing is, even the millions of cash in the bank account would mean nothing. Like they say “true happiness is a state of mid”, it surely is.

I used to be a cribbing creature but I have grown with time. It is important that you don’t wait for that one big thing to happen and then be happy about it. There is happiness even in the tiniest of the things, we just need to open our eyes wide and look for it. If I share things that makes me happy you would definitely burst into laughter. But then it would make you smile and that would in turn make me happy.

After waking up in the morning, a nice hot steaming cup of tea makes me happy. It makes me content and relieved. I am tea person and I enjoy my tea. It makes me happy. A nice hot water bath makes me happy. I have started a new hobby of collecting coins and yes that makes me a numismatic. Every now and then I open my coin album and look through it. It sounds strange but it makes me happy. I smile looking at them. I know I will never spend them but I kind of feel rich looking at those shiny coins. Appreciations make me happy, I guess it makes everyone happy. Yesterday I helped my roommate in her wedding shopping and even though I didn’t buy anything I was happy when we got back home. Every time I finish my Maggie I lick the whole plate clean and this stupid thing makes me happy. It is like a victory to me. Finding a Coca Cola bottle in your refrigerator when you least expect it gives me happiness of the world. The first rain and its petrichor makes me ecstatic. My seven months old nephew and his gibberish conversation makes me go off the edge. Travelling and writing are my new discovered source of happiness. My novice and gradually getting popular blogs make me happy. The list is endless. I can talk about it till the dawn and then till the dusk.

There are times when I look back and ponder that I have wasted so many moments over thinking and over analyzing things and situation where I could have been just happy and lived the moment. This very realization has changed my life. It isn’t that things don’t make me sad and go crazy but I try to make more happy moments and live through them.

Dalai lama has rightly said that “the purpose of life is to be happy”. The statement is true to bits and complete in every possible sense.

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