We spend so much time in dressing up and accessorizing but often we forget the most important aspect of it which is a good fragrance. If you don’t smell good your whole personality goes haywire and all your efforts in looking good goes for a toss. For me a good perfume makes a guy and a bad one breaks a guy. I truly believe that  If you don’t smell good, then you don’t look good.

“You are never fully dressed without perfume!”  – C. JoyBell C

Now that we are talking about perfumes let me give an insight into some of the best Branded perfumes for your guy. If you are also a fragrance freak just like I am you would definitely pick one or two for your guy. I am sure he smells good but there is no harm is blossoming ever more. So here goes the list of my favorite perfumes.

  •  Bleu De Chanel : Chanel’s perfumes are a delight. This fragrance is rich in citrus and grapevine extract. Every time your guy would put this on you won’t be able to resist yourself from falling in love all over again.


  • Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren: I absolutely love Ralph Lauren. I recently bought a Ralph Lauren perfume for myself too. Their men’s fragrance is just mind blowing. The best from their whole range would definitely be the Polo Blue Sport.


  • Hugo Boss: Perfumes from Hugo Boss are a must have in your kitty. Their male and female both ranges are absolutely amazing. The fragrance is light and stays for long time.


  • Calvin Klein: If you are looking for good branded perfumes for your guy then Obsession and Escape from Calvin Klein should be your blind pick. They are the bestsellers in men’s perfumes.

Escape-by-Calvin-Kline-300x225 Obsession-by-Calvin-Klein-300x300

  • One Million Intense by Paco Rabanne: If I have to describe this fragrance it would be a good and balanced mix of warm spices, roses and citrus fruits. If you enter into a room wearing this perfume I am sure your presence can never go unnoticed.



All the above mentioned perfumes belong to the most exclusive range of men’s perfume. There are many other popular brands too like A* Men by Thierry Mugler, Acqua di Gioia, Reaction by Kenneth Cole, Armani and many more. So basically if you are looking for some of the best Branded perfumes for your guy then you just hit the jackpot. I have offered you a wide range to choose from, go ahead and make your pick. To all the women out there always remember “A man is not judged by his salary, but by his fragrance”.

Happy perfume shopping ladies.

This is a sponsored post but the views expressed are genuine.





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