This is my first post for the popular A to Z Challenge.  I will be discussing about Access Cards in my first post. All the computer engineers and software engineers are very well acquainted with this item. Access Card as the name suggests give you access inside the building or more specifically inside your bay (your working area). Access card is a coveted asset that is equally valued by a fresher as well as by the top management members. So you can very well imagine how sought after and significant this card is.

With access cards there are many issues. The first being that you have to carry it with you all the time else you will have to depend on others mercy. There are many IT organizations that have very strict mandate for their access cards like it should be hanging around the employee’s neck all the time, the photo should be clearly visible all the time and many more. The second issue is related to all the stones that you have to turn in case you forget your access card at home. The security will take out a huge and thick register and then only God can help you with the unlimited manual entries. The third issue arises when you lose your access card; the situation gets even worse as you will have to lighten your wallet by paying the fine of the lost card. The biggest irony is that you really work hard and write all possible kinds of email in order to get this access card at the earliest. So basically you invite the ghosts into your life.

This one belongs to my flatmate.
This one belongs to my flatmate.
This is mine.
This is mine.

The role of access card is not limited to the office premises only. It has a mental impact even when you are at home. It will sound funny and kind of unbelievable but once I did try to open my house door by flashing my access card. I am sure it must have happened to you guys too though maybe not to this extend.

I am sure all the software engineers would relate to every word that I just wrote. Does it ring any bell guys? Do you also share such an intricate love hate relationship with your access card, drop in your comments? Also please do highlight if I missed any of the important points to mention about the access cards.

Happy working guys !





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