Don't you ever forget this !!
Don’t you ever forget this !!

I am sure it must have ring a bell in everyone’s head. Bosses are like opinions, everyone has one. The good, the bad, the bossy, the bitchy, the controlling, the liberal, the sexy and many more. They exist in all shape, size and packages.  By and large we all hate our bosses, but there are always some exception.

There might be hundred good kind of bosses that you must have come across but I will be telling you about the bosses that I have worked with. Fortunately I haven’t had a bad experience yet. You can call me very lucky.

My first boss was very straight forward and approachable. I have never had any issues with the way he handled the team and the way he catered to the needs of the individuals too. He would always incorporate humor to our team meetings which had made the work less boring and more fun. He knew that thin line between being a boss and being a friend. He was my first boss experience and I am so glad he gave me memories worth cherishing. Even today I can approach him for any career related advice, he is just an email/ping away.

Next in line is my second boss. My first boss has raised the standard pretty high and I wasn’t really wiling to settle for anything less than it. But do we really get to make a choice here ? No, they are like your complexion you have to live with them. So the experience was good but did not meet the standards that I had in my mind. I didn’t appreciate the choice of words that was used in the team meetings. Few of the his expectations were not even realistic. Having said all these things he was really good at the subject. The thing that I liked the most about him was that he was always more than ready to teach. He would always encourage you to do things beyond the ones listed under your roles and responsibility.

The next I had a lady boss. I admire her to bits. Often you are asked where do you see yourself 5-10 years down the line, after meeting her my answer had changed to I would like to be her. She is inspiring, epitome of managerial excellence and so good with people skills. I wish I could tell her that someday. You come across people who encourage you, motivate you, push you but she inspires you. Generally female employees don’t get along with their lady bosses but she is an exception. I am sure the rest of my team members would agree to me. She had set the rules very clearly and there was no school level policing with her. Her rules went without speaking out loud. She had that aura which oozes out perfection and inspiration. I simply adore her.

My next boss was very chilled out. Live and let live was his policy. Apparently the work load was negligible so our life was anyways easy but his happy go lucky attitude made the office time fun. With unlimited tea breaks, maggie breaks office hours used to fly by. I can’t really comment much on him because I haven’t really seen his leadership skills and he is totally not be blamed for it, it was paucity of time and lack of the right opportunity. After that comes my current boss. He is gem of a person. It has been just few months with him but we have had quite a lot of meaningful conversations. I like the way he delegates his work and handles the delivery. He is like a coconut, hard from outside but soft and tender from inside. It has been very less time to judge him and comment on anything associated with him. I am hoping to have a memorable experience with him too.

Note: The list of bosses is in random order. If you are reading this and you have been my boss please know that, the post is fun post with no other meanings or messages intended. 

Happy reading !!





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