Did you hear “If you are the leader press one, speak your name and then press pound”. Yes it was meant for that echo only.

Conference calls are a vital part of our daily office routine. You cannot survive a day without it. At times they are irritating but most of the times they are life savior. At times we don’t even know but there so many calls scheduled in the whole day that we hardly get the time to actually work. The work is all about the calls.

Majority of the times the call is scheduled to make sure that the offshore and onshore team is in sync with each other. We have our status calls, performance call, reporting calls and many more over these conference calls. With the advancement of technology, we have advanced in our sluggishness level too. Just siting few meters apart we would still dial in to talk to each other, which appears very lame to me. It would not be wrong to say that the day is not far when we would not be able to picture the face of the person we are talking to, it would be just few numbers and a receiver of our beloved cisco phones.

Hey hey I do the conference calling.
Hey hey I do the conference calling.

Technology has done wonders with the phones too. Earlier we had those normal phone from which we used to dial in but now a days the workplace is quipped with high end cisco phones which comes with touch screen. My office has one, unfortunately I couldn’t click the picture because like I said earlier it was booked throughout the day. Busy bee ha.

All I want to express here is that there are situations where the calls cannot be avoided but there are many a times when we can talk face to face. A smile and a nod in front of you is way better than a yes and okay over the call. Let us try to make it more personal and less electronic.

Are you also sick of the unlimited conference calls in your office? Do you also think that more than half of the calls are not even required ?

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  1. Visiting from A/Z; that does sound like a lot of conference calls you go through on a daily basis. I do work at home for a national company. We do the majority of our communication (at my level) through email. Very rarely, like maybe once a year, we’ll have a conference call.

    Enjoy the rest of the challenge!



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