Have you ever imagined how your day at work would be if your colleague sitting next to you doesn’t show up for quite a few number of days. I know we don’t make very good friends in office, we like to keep them just as colleagues. Actually it is the last place where we expect to meet like minded people, but there are always some exceptions.

There are times when your colleague not only becomes your good friend but also your silent listener. I see a lot of female employees venting out their frustrations in front of their friends. Generally it happens in the loo. When you are getting ready for office there is always this set of people that you look forward to meet to.  Often while packing your lunch you keep an extra piece for your friend. Just imagine how boring your day would be without them.The lunch break, the coffee break, the smoking break all goes for a toss without these few people.

I know we have better and best friends outside the workplace but these people also play a very significant role in our daily lives. I am sure we all have some colleague cum friends at our workplace. Value them. You might now realize it now but once they are gone you are going to miss them.

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