Fire Escape
Fire Escape

It always happens at your work place, isn’t it ? Do we really pay any heed to it? Do we really give it its due importance? The answer is no. As I had said earlier also I would not be preaching in this series so please don’t consider this post another gyan piece.

Recently a fire drill happened at my work place. The team triggered a false fire alarm so that all the employees vacate the work area and gather outside where the rest of the demonstrations were suppose to happen. To my surprise the fire alarm didn’t do much work. Nobody moved an inch from their place. The security had to walk in and make each and every employee move individually. They were literally requesting everyone to move out as if they had some vested interest out of it.

After a lot of hassle a respectable crowd gathered in the assembly area where the whole setup was made. Considering how important and how critical this drill was everyone should have been on their toes. But again that was not the case. People were scattering here and there, the organizer had to request so many times for their attention but all in vain. The presenter did a good job in explaining the kind of fires and the basic practices that we should follow in case of a fire emergency. He also demonstrated various fire extinguishers and their usage. He invited various volunteers to use those extinguishers. While all this was happening people keep skipping the demonstration area slowly. I am nobody to judge here but I still think everyone should have stayed till the end.

Like I said before I am not preaching. I am just requesting you all to attend these fire drill whenever they are organized. Pay heed to the demonstrations and volunteer to learn the usage of various extinguishers. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Be safe and happy reading !




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