KT is a regular affair in every IT professional’s life. To all who have absolutely no idea about it, KT stands for Knowledge Transfer. The word explains it all and it doesn’t have any other hidden meaning whatsoever.

Every time you move from one organization or from one engagement (project) somebody else would be filling in your space. The new person knows the technology but has no idea about the process and methodology that you used to work on. To cover this gap the transfer of knowledge takes place and hence the KT comes into the picture.

KT involves two parties the giver and the taker. In most of the cases the KT giver is not interested in this process. He is so high thinking about his future engagements that he hardly cares about his current responsibilities. He does it just for the heck of doing.  The KT receiver however shares just the opposite feelings. He is excited for the new assignments and wants to churn out more and more from the KT provider. The reluctance from one side and the eagerness from the other side makes this process really hectic and often full of friction. You would now think that this practice is a waste of time as it doesn’t fulfill any of the purposes. But that is not the case. If either of the parties involved in the KT process is proactive and organized there is a high probability the KT would reach to its propitious end.

I have been on both the sides and I completely stand by each and every word that I have written. If you aren’t associated with the IT world then I am sure I have enlightened you with this new phenomenon called KT and if you are a member of this esteem world then do let us know your KT experience. I am sure you must have had one.

Happy blogging and Happy Reading !




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