Onsite, does it ring any bell? I guess it must have rolled drums in your head. In an IT industry onsite is a coveted opportunity that only a few are bestowed with. But it is longed by all. Do you want to go onsite, the answer is always yes and the head nods in agreement.

Remember the times when your neighbor uncle would flaunt about his son’s visit to US and would just not stop bragging about it. It was since then I knew onsite is something great. I had no idea about it, all I knew was that you get to travel to the foreign lands, meet new people, click amazing pictures and then show it off on Facebook. Because back then everybody who used to go to Onsite did only these things. Another big misconception that I had was that everybody who works in IT industry gets an Onsite. Yes, you may laugh but back then I used to think the same. Little did I know.

Okay coming back to the reality and the present. I see people dying for Onsite. Insisting and cajoling their managers like anything just to get that so much sought after prized possession. So basically at a regular workplace you would find three varieties the ones who are already at onsite, the ones who are just back and the ones who are dying to go. The majority falls in the last category and they have special feelings about the people belonging to the other two categories. You basically envy people who belong to the category one and the envious feeling is pretty much justified. You might also think that they are unfair with the work assignments, offloading all the work to you and enjoying all the accolades for the same. For the second category there is just one feeling hatred. You detest when their “Chocolates at my desk” mail lands in your mailbox. You absolutely loath when they keep boasting about the places they had visited while they were onsite. Every time they open their mouth you are like err, just the way Chandler used to do it.

Yes such is the desire for onsite. To everyone out there who are looking for an onsite desperately I wish and pray you get one soon. Till then keep working and keep contributing to your work place.

Happy reading and happy blogging !





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