This post is dedicated to the mother Earth and to 22nd April which is celebrated as Earth Day world wide. Have you heard of that popular joke about plant just giving oxygen and not WiFi signals. If you haven’t just read it below.


 Isn’t it funny and yet so true. We have advanced technologically so much that we are at the verge of forgetting our roots. Our generation breathes on WiFi. It is the case everywhere. We live in a world where the guests asks for WiFi password before saying a hello or hi.

Save the Earth, plant more trees, less pollution, save water, conserve energy we have grown up listening to these jargon. But do we really care? Do we really understand the significance of them? They say history repeats itself I am just scared if there would be anything left when we get to the ancient age.

I am not asking you to turn the world upside down. I don’t do it either. I am not preaching something which is non doable and impossible. I am not asking for much but if we all do our bit even the tiniest of the bits, our precious mother Earth can live forever.

There are a lot of simple and easy things that you can do to contribute towards the propitious future of our mother Earth. Here is a list of all my suggestions:

  • Water a plant daily. I am not asking you to plant one daily because that would be a lot to ask. But you can easily manage to water an already grown plant. You would find unlimited opportunities to do it whether it be at your work place or your residence.
  • Don’t pluck the leaves for fun. Have you ever noticed that we often pluck a leaf or pull off a branch just for fun. Apparently it isn’t fun for the plant and you can totally live without doing it. See absolutely doable.
  • Don’t waste water. We waste gallons of water everyday. With just a little vigilance we can save tonnes of water. Use that half flush option in your toilets. Reuse the water that comes out of the RO filters. Isn’t it so easy to incorporate all these in your daily lifestyle.
  • While printing go for both sides print option. This small change in the printing settings can alone save a lot of papers.
  • Say no to plastic. Carry your own jute or cloth bag when you head out for shopping. Be it as small as a vegetable market or as big as a niche store in a shopping mall. These little things do bring a lot of significant change.
  • Keep the biodegradable waster separate from the non biodegradable ones. It would help the hawkers in easy segregation and later hassle free recycling.
  • Reuse and Recycle. Reuse and recycle each and everything as much as you can. I am not gonna give you a list here, use your wisdom.

The above list might look very ordinary and basic but if followed it can bring a profound change in the environment. We have to understand that it our Earth and it is solely our responsibility to nurture it well so that it can benefit us in return. We have just one mother earth and literally or figuratively it is all we have. So let us do our bit and contribute in every possible way. In the end all I would say is,

I am doing my bit are you ?

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