I am going for ride in Renault Lodgy, wanna tag along ?


Travel often ~ getting lost will help you find yourself.

This is my favorite travel quote. It just says it all. Short and complete in every sense. When I heard about the Renault Lodgy contest I was ecstatic and the idea of traveling in and around Goa in the all new Lodgy left me jumping with excitement. I love travelling whether it is to a place which is few kilometers away or to a land far far away. If I have to pick further, road travels are my most preferred options.

When I am not in my cozy bed, snuggling around I am either in my cubical working or I am out exploring. When I got to know about the #LiveLodgycal Drive deal, I didn’t have to think much about what my first five picks would be. When I am travelling there are certain things which are always my companion.

The first and very important thing that I never forget to carry is my handbag. You might get a little amused by this but it is something that I always carry. I am in shoulder to handle relationship with my bag. My handbag houses a lot of my essentials like wallet, house keys, lip balm, a pen, a mist and many more. I am always assured that I have all the necessary things covered up if I have my bag with me. Just like my bag has a perfect place for everything the new Renault Lodgy comes with creative crafting of the interiors which has made sure that you get space for everything. So much of attention has been given to the detailing that you will always have ample space to keep all your belongings in place.

Source: https://www.cdn.renault.com/content/dam/Renault/IN/vehicles/Renault-Lodgy-2015/product-brochure/Lodgy-Brochure.pdf
Source: https://www.cdn.renault.com/content/dam/Renault/IN/vehicles/Renault-Lodgy-2015/product-brochure/Lodgy-Brochure.pdf

The second in the list would be my camera. I am not a photographer but I like to capture things that catch my attention. I have a basic DSLR camera which serves very well for me. After a trip is over, it is only the memories and photographs that remains intact. It helps me in innovating my ideology towards places and people. It helps in broadening my perception and allows me to see the larger than life aspects of life. Just like Renualt’s new Lodgy’s innovative features like touchscreen with fingertip control on the MediaNAV multimedia system, the rear parking aid and Eco mode to keep a check on fuel consumption makes you see the world of automobile at its best.

Source: Source: https://www.cdn.renault.com/content/dam/Renault/IN/vehicles/Renault-Lodgy-2015/product-brochure/Lodgy-Brochure.pdf
Source: Source: https://www.cdn.renault.com/content/dam/Renault/IN/vehicles/Renault-Lodgy-2015/product-brochure/Lodgy-Brochure.pdf

Coming to the third thing, now it is something that is always with me irrespective of where I am heading to. It is my cellular phone. Not that I am a phone freak but I like to be reachable. My phone has also helped me in blogging on the way. A smart phone really helps you in being aligned with the latest in every field. So always having your phone around has numerous perks. But these days the phone batteries have started draining in no time. So when I go for a ride in the all new Renault’s Lodgy I don’t have to worry about my phone getting discharged as it comes equipped with charger which will never let my phone die off.

The next in the list would be my medication. When you are on the go getting sick is the last thing that you wish for. There is a basic medical kit, of course very tiny in size that is always there in my handbag. May it be a headache or normal acidity I don’t let these small things spoil the fun for me. So I always carry the solution with me. Did you know that Renault’s Lodgy has paid special attention to the safety and security of the riders. It comes with dual front air bags which ensures minimum risk in case of a head on injury. It also features ABS with EBD and brake which ensures that the driver has good control in case of any emergency. They have just taken good care of every aspect of automobile that you can think of.

Source : https://www.cdn.renault.com/content/dam/Renault/IN/vehicles/Renault-Lodgy-2015/product-brochure/Lodgy-Brochure.pdf
Source : https://www.cdn.renault.com/content/dam/Renault/IN/vehicles/Renault-Lodgy-2015/product-brochure/Lodgy-Brochure.pdf

The last thing would be soothing music. No journey is complete until it is accompanied by soothing and refreshing music. I like my travel to be musical and hence I always carry a lot of music with me. I appreciate old melodies too and not always I find those songs easily available so I always make sure to carry them along. Now when I go for a ride in Renault’s Lodgy I don’t have to worry about this part too. It comes with a touchscreen and easy to access music system. Now you might say what is the big deal every random car has a music system but this one is a great integration of style with amazing audio quality. You have see and touch it yourself to believe me.

Source: https://www.renault.co.in/vehicles/personal-cars/renault-lodgy/characteristics.html
Source: https://www.renault.co.in/vehicles/personal-cars/renault-lodgy/characteristics.html

One of the many things that I want to do more often but I am not able to is to travel with family. It has been quite a while since we have had a family outing. With Renault Lodgy’s spacious and comfortable seating I cannot help but imagine how lucky will I be to get a trip with my family soon. It has it all. It caters to every need that you can possibly think of.

I can go on and on, if you want to read about more features of this care you can read here. So experience the #LiveLodgycal world of Renault’s Lodgy without wasting a single minute.

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.





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