We haggle, that is in our blood. Proud Indians.


Paisa Vasool or making the best out of a given amount is something that runs in our Indian blood. I take pride in telling that. Ever since our childhood we have been taught to be cautious with our spending habits. Right from our household activities to our corporate world the Paisa Vasool strategy is exploited with all possible means. People often confuse this trait with being miser but clearly it isn’t that. It is an art.

Remember the time when you have waited till Diwali just to replace your old fridge. Reason being during Diwali, the market is flooded with offers and in the same amount you would get multiple add on too. Or the times when you would stalk your favorite dress in the showroom till the sale kicks off so that you can grab on to your dream piece. A perfect example of how we make great deal out of a specific amount.

Source: stuff2india.in
Source: stuff2india.in

Even in the most elementary everyday things we discover ways of exploiting the Paisa Vasool strategy to the fullest so that not even a single penny worth commodity is being wasted. Don’t wonder, I know you also work very hard on your toothpaste tube to get even the last whit out of it. And the times when our moms struggle hard to get even the last remaining atom in various household packets. Yes it includes the detergent packets, juice box and even the milk packets. Is there a smirk on your face as you picture your mom or wife doing the aforesaid then let me remind you the days when you used to wear your older sibling’s school uniform because for some reason they were never used enough to discard. Everyone does it, you aren’t alone.

Source: www.campusghanta.com
Source: www.campusghanta.com

Haggling with the local vendors and Auto drivers are our birthright. We never miss on that. We don’t see it as a lowly deed. The better you are at this skill, the highly you are looked upon. You might get special invite to shopping areas just by virtue of this skill. Bargaining in instilled deep in our blood. We will ask for a discount, that goes without saying.

Source: www.quora.com
Source: www.quora.com

With the technological advancement our money recuperating skills have also advanced. Now we don’t buy even our slippers without browsing through hundred good e-commerce website. We subscribe to every shopping website’s newsletter just to ensure that we don’t miss on any promotional offers and deals. Even a single rupee discount counts. Aren’t we all aware “a penny saved is a penny earned”. We do have that patience and perseverance when it comes to recovering every penny of an amount.

Source: www.mediaonetv.in
Source: www.mediaonetv.in

The point is we don’t have to try hard for this expertise, we are born with it. In every situation and circumstances looking for a deal, an offer and a discount is innate to us. We would get our internet and television dish from the same subscriber just to get that extra percent discount. The head of the family would pull his corporate strings and get that closed user group (CUG) connection for every member of the family, you know why because then the calls within the family members are free.

I can write the whole night but I would still not run out of examples. The list is non exhaustive. You might come across certain people who might undermine you but trust me deep down in their hearts they are sad because they are deprived of this talent. The prowess of gauging a deal at the very outset and paying a little extra just to get the bigger outcome is a bliss. Just like #LufthansaPremiumEconomy offers a lot more comfort and an amazing travel experience by paying a little extra. It feels as if it was launched keeping the Indian traits in mind. Lufthansa Premium Economy has come up with an ultimate paisa vasool deal which ensures that you enjoy a world class travel experience with bigger space, home like comfort and hospitable services. And all this for what, for just a little extra amount. Isn’t that a deal of a lifetime. For more information on this visit, http://premium-economy.lufthansa.com/en-us

I hope my post made you elated and the irresistible deal from Lufthansa made you smile ear to ear.

Do you have anything to say, I am all ears.

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  1. Absolutely loved it, they way you have connected it all. Bargaining happens in most of the countries, not only in India.
    Unless it is a proper shop, there would be bargaining there.


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