“Humne kabhi apni beti ko bete se kam nahi samjha”

“Humne apni beti ko bête jaisa pala hai”

“Humari beti kisi bête se kam nahi”

I am not sure should I be happy with these statements or should I go into deep thoughts gloomily. These statements basically describe the whole problem with the gender inequality. Why would you raise your Daughter like a Son? Why would you ever compare your daughter with your son or with anyone’s sons. Are sons some benchmark that one has to achieve. Are they the epitome of righteousness that one has to follow their footsteps or do you do something extra in your son’s upbringing that you have now incorporated for your daughter as well. Have you ever heard “Humne apne bête ko beti jaisa pala hai” , “Humara beta kisi beti se kam nahi” ? I bet you haven’t.

There can be a lot of logical and illogical responses to my afore question. Few that I have heard are it is a colloquial way of saying, it has been said like this ever since. A lot of things have been done in some or the other ways ever since but it has now either changed or evolved. Why are we still stuck to the old and conventional thoughts when it comes to daughter and sons. I am not asking for a revenge here by demanding counter phrases for guys, all I want to say it there is no need to do the comparison at all.

When the kids or even adults hear such things from their parents and elders it gives them the impression that they are inferior in some or the other way from their brothers. I remember one of my uncles saying “Hamari beti hi hamara beta hai”. Now in a way it is a sign of a progressive society where people aren’t dying for a son but at the same time it reveals how much the male gender is valued and preferred in India. If you are reading this, you have somehow made your way to my blog and hence I humbly request you not to say such statements and make such remarks. They impact the kids emotionally and mentally.

Give your kids the values that you can be proud of. Before making them a good son or a good daughter make them a good human being, because that is the super set of all. We all are just human beings. If you could relate to my views in any way then give a shout I am all ears.

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