When I saw my name in the shortlisted bloggers to attend the Hangout with Honda at Buddh International Circuit to showcase the All New Honda Jazz, I was excited to another level. I had never attended such an event before so I was very much looking forward to it. The event was very well organized. I had received all the details about the event well in advance. A big thumbs up to the team Honda for taking care of even the minutest details of the event.

The first spot was Hotel Raddison Blue in Greater Noida. Our transports were arranged in prior for pick and drop, this is what I was talking about when I said the Honda team took care of even the minutest details. I reached the destination well in time, or I would say I was a little early as most of the bloggers arrive after 30-40 minutes. Now you should know that bloggers from all over India were coming to this event and yes the traffic of NCR often takes you for a ride.

I made my way in to the hotel and reached the registration counter. The team greeted every blogger very warmly and handed over the personalized tags and t shirt. In no time the hall was full with bloggers from every field. There were few known and a lot of new faces. As much as it was fun to see some familiar faces I was also excited to meet new people. We had some healthy discussions, the pro bloggers were giving us tips based on their experiences.

After a while we had lunch and we were ready for the next destination which was none other than the famous Buddh International Circuit. The place needs no introduction and I was literally thrilled to see the tracks and experience the drive. My below tweet can give you an idea of the adrenal rush.

We reached BIC (Buddh International Circuit) and yes the circuit’s grandeur was as expected. I could spot the Honda hoardings from far away. We posed with the hoardings, clicked a lot of pictures and made our way to the presentation area.

The entrance was as grand as I expected it to be.
The entrance was as grand as I expected it to be.

Another thing which caught my attention was the wifi card. We were all given our personal wifi to be in touch with all kind of social media and spread the word across the globe.


That is me posing with the F1 track.
That is me posing with the F1 track.

In no time the presentation area was fully packed and the core team of Honda also arrived. The President and CEO of Honda Cars India Ltd, Mr. Katsushi Inoue warmly welcomed all the bloggers and revealed the fact that the bloggers were the first one to try their hands on the car. No media and no suppliers have had this close encounter with the car. It made me happy.


The detailed descriptions of the features of the All New Honda Jazz were presented to everyone. Below pictures will give you some idea about the car’s features.

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After the elaborate session on various aspects of the car, it was time to hit the F1 race track with All New Hona Jazz. But before that we were taken to the race control station and we were briefed about the security protocols. The Buddh Circuit safety station was a labyrinth of cameras through which they keep a close eye on every part of the track. All their camera are high zoom equipped and they could even see the smallest of the moves that we would be doing in the car. So messing around with their instructions and safety procedure was a big No.

The briefing was done, security instructions were completed and now it was the time to try our hands on the All New Honda Jazz. The drive went very well, the car moved like a hot knife through butter. The legroom was to be appreciated and the interiors of the cars were truly a sign of high class craftsmanship. Every nook and cranny of the car was designed thoughtfully to ensure consumer’s satisfaction. Whatever I say would be less, you have to be behind the wheels to experience the thrill.

Security comes first.
All set to drive the All New Honda Jazz

 My take on All New Honda Jazz
  • More than any other thing my first preference is always towards the look, the All New Honda Jazz has a sleek and sporty look which is apt for all the generations.
  • The seating comfort and ergonomics is something that I pay special attention to. The leg room, the seats and the whole interiors deserves a lot of accolades.
  • With a mileage of 19.0 kmpl for Petrol and 27.3 kmpl for Diesel, the All New Honda Jazz is a steal.
  • Another important concern for me is safety and All New Honda Jazz took care of it very well with their dual SRS airbags, ABS with EBD and advanced immobilizer Anti theft system.
  • Storage capacity is also an important aspect in any automobile. Honda has given a good though over this as well. All New Honda Jazz comes with 354 liters of boot space, various central and floor consoles for cup and bottle holders.

If you are a car enthusiast or you are looking for a new car then you should definitely test drive the All New Honda Jazz. I am sure even if you aren’t planning to buy a car, a hands on this car will definitely give you second thoughts. To book a test drive visit here.

I was invited to the Hangout with Honda event where the All New Jazz was showcased.





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