Being a parent is the toughest job. You have to be on your toes all the time. There is not even a minute of respite. Parenting can get tricky as you want to become so many people at the same time. I don’t have any kids so I can just imagine the level of pandemonium that it can bring to an individual’s life.


During my childhood I have experienced many hints of parental flavor. There were times when I had to undergo strict rules and regulations whereas there were also the times when I was set free to do whatever I wanted to do. My mother was more of a pacifier but father was strict. Randomly the roles used to switch but majorly this was the case in my house. While mummy would patiently stand behind and see me experimenting in her kitchen, papa would fiercely run behind the bicycle to ensure I learn riding in time. With time, gradually the scenario changed but just a tad bit. But if I have to tell holistically then yes I would accept my parents were majorly parents and at times buddies. But trust me that has worked very well for me.

Parenting involves two parties, the kids and the parents and both the parties have their own good reasons for their actions and discourse. While we kids think that we know it all, parents would always boast about their protracted life experiences. Nowadays kids have become smarter than you can even imagine. Yes technology is to be held responsible but the parenting also needs to be evolved. I am not a parent yet and so I might not be able to understand their reasons and logic however parents can always emphasize that they know more as they have been a kid but you haven’t been a parent yet. Yes I would lose there hands down.

The art of parenting needs to be evolved, and there comes the era of buddy parenting. Remember how we tell our every secret to our buddies whereas hide things from our parents. The only reason is the bond and comfort that we share with our friends is totally opposite as to what we share with our parents. Buddy parenting is all about breaking the shackles of conventional parenting where the parents are authoritative and imposing. It is a creative approach where the parents join the kids in their world and teach them life lessons in their language. It is all about making your kids feel free and tether-less. When the kids are unfettered, they become carefree and tend to share every inch of their lives with the parents, isn’t it the only aim of propitious parenting.

I have not been on the parenting side and so I cannot imagine the speculations that the parents might have with this new parenting concept. Now we always have this one friend who we envy for the kind of parents he/she has. We always think, how I wish they were my parents because they were so cool and chilled with everything. Like they say only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, so I thought instead of running my imagination horses let me ask the parents directly. They would be in a better position to tell me why they chose to be such cool parents rather than being the conventional ones. I did a quick survey with all the buddy parents that I could think of and below are their reasons to be their kid’s buddies rather than their parents.

family3 family2_final

family1 (1)

Now I can say my post evenly talks about both the parties. If you have read the experiences above you would be able to understand the significance of such a change in the parenting world. We need a time where kids are scared of everything but not of their parents, where they hide things from the world but not from their parents, where they might lie to the world but not with their parents. Such transparency and freedom is much needed. If you wish to see your kids soar high then let them lose and be their friends, that’s all they need.

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