People living in Bangalore have numerous options for quick weekend getaways. Various hills and waterfalls are in and around Bangalore which makes the weekend full of fun and adventure. Don’t worry I am not going to detail you about them I am sure you know it all. But if you have had enough of them, then it is time to go trekking. This weekend test your mettle on a fun trek at Skandagiri.

Skandagiri is located approximately 70 kilometers away from the Bangalore city. You can either hire a cab or drive yourself, it is a nice drive of 1.5 hours. It is highly advised that you start your trek early morning so that by the sunrise you reach at the peak.

I along with few friends of mine went to this trek and the experience was exhilarating. We started from Bangalore city at around 2 in the morning which helped us in starting our trek by 3, courtesy no traffic on the Bangalore roads. .

It was this dark when we reached Skandagiri

The trek at Skandagiri is moderately difficult as the hills might get precipitous and high at most of the places. Now it is said that there are two ways of trekking to the top, one is an easy way and the other way is difficult. We didn’t know about it and we just trekked along the way that we could find without worrying about easy or difficult.


This is how the trek looked from the start point.
This is how the trek looked from the start point.

Without thinking much we started our trek, Yes it was tiring, it has to be. While climbing up we could witness some breathtaking views and as we reached higher the winds were getting stronger and colder.

When we had just covered a few meters.
On your way to the top you will always be surrounded by lush green fauna.
It all looks hazy and cloudy.

After a trek of one hour we could see some signs of sunrise. We had lost track of time as we were struggling hard to make it to the top, but yes we did see this view.

Can you see the Sun trying to come out from the clouds.
Can you see the Sun trying to come out from the clouds.

We took frequent breaks and none of us was a regular trekker and it was getting really hard for us to climb up continuously. Needless to mention the sights were a motivator which kept pushing us to reach the top.



The sun rise is making the landscape glow.
Reflection of clouds with the shades of green.

Remember the view that you get from an airplane after few minutes of take off, these pictures reminded me of that view. After a lot of pit stops and struggle we finally reached the top. The view was picturesque. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, it was quite, calm and yes very windy.

Perched at the top. Relieved and satiated.
View from the top, notice the section which is glowing with the sun.

The thing that you should always have in mind while trekking is that the aim is not just to reach at the top but to get down to the starting point as well. Yes the downhill journey is less exhausting but still it needs a good amount of energy. We took quite a good number of breaks on our way back as well.

When we reached at the starting point we were enervated and drained of energy. All I could do was hop in the cab and relax. So if this weekend you don’t have anything on your mind then Skandagiri Trek is a good way to start your weekend.

Some tips from my side :

  • Start the trek very early so that you reach the top by the sunrise else the scorching sun can be a big trouble.
  • Take a cab instead of driving yourself, the return journey will be easy since you will be all tired and every muscle of your body would be aching.
  • Carry a lot of water. There isn’t a lot of shops on the way except the one which is on the top. The trek is exhausting you might not feel hungry but you will definitely feel thirsty.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Try some track pants and lose t shirts. I wore jeans and trust me I regretted.
  • Carry a bag pack instead of a purse, it is easy to carry on your back as the weight is divided on both the shoulders.

If  my post makes you go for this trek then give me a shout. Let me know about your experiences in case you have been on this trek. I am all ears.

Till then happy trekking and happy blogging !!

While coming down we did stop at many points to restore energy and capture some scenic attractions.
While coming down we did stop at many points to restore energy and capture some scenic attractions.





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