With Facebook’s continuous memory hop notification I started wondering about past events. Since it is an auspicious occasion of Eid and people are greeting each other by posting wishes on Facebook. One of the posts on my timeline by one of my Malaysian friends caught my attention. She wrote:

“Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Eid Mubarak. ..
Have a joyous time with loved ones! !”

I never knew this was also one of the ways to wish for the Joyous occasion of Eid until I visited Malaysia. All I knew was “Happy Eid” and “Eid Mubarak”. The Hari Raya word brought back so many memories of this time in Malaysia. It is one of the most celebrated festivals of Malaysia. I remember during these times we had plethora of free lunches and brunches almost every day. Now imagine this, you are deeply engrossed in your work and suddenly a reminder pops up and notifies you that you have to be at the energy hub for Hari Raya celebrations. It was utter joy. God I miss those times. I regret why wasn’t I writing at that time, I would have given you more insights of the event. But nevertheless like they say “better late than never”.

In college I had a lot of friends but there was just one close Muslim friend. And yes when I say this I mean we had all the privilege access to the biryani and vermicelli that his mother used to cook. The Ramzan times were tough on him and we all could see it but he never let it show on his face. We were also very vary of our conversations at that time. We has decided that we won’t talk about food and water in front of him and any plans of any sort of party was a big no no. Though he was very casual about it. He never let it be hard on us. He always told us these are time to test the limits and patience. It is now about hunger and thirst, it is about how you drive your mind, body and soul. Back then it didn’t mean much to me (confession) but today it makes all the sense in the world. I have so much reverence for such people.

The difficult times are now over and this calls for a celebration and feasting. Eid is all about celebrating the conclusion of a month long dawn-to-sunset fasting. So here’s wishing everyone out there a very “Happy and prosperous Eid”.

Till then Happy Reading !





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