Have you ever thought why are we so fascinated to various superheros? I am fascinated to a few too. I know people who follow and worship them like Gods. What do they do which makes them so powerful and sought after, is it their special powers or their good deeds towards the mankind and society. It is nice to watch them doing wonders but can we ever become anything close to what they are. Do we also possess some power or do we also have the capability to contribute towards the welfare of the society.

I believe we all have power inside us. Power to give something, power to bring change even if it is as small as an atom. When I was asked to write about this topic, I sat and pondered as I wanted to bring up something that hasn’t surfaced yet, draw some unique analogy and then the thought of superheros crawled into my mind. I will not preach about why should we encourage the use of condoms, don’t we all know about it. Aren’t we all aware of all the benefits of using condoms. What I want to highlight is that this is one way we all can be superheros in our lives.

I understand that not all of us indulge in public welfare but at least we can strive for our own welfare. Don’t do it for anyone else do it for your own good. Like they say “Charity begins at home” same goes for this scenario too. Condoms give you a sense of satisfaction that you have done your part. One very common hesitance which has been observed is going to a chemist shop and asking for condoms. Can’t we just treat it like any other medical assistance and be okay about buying it and inquiring about it. According to a survey seven out of ten girls said no for buying condoms at a chemist shop claiming that it is a man’s job to get it. I was shocked to hear the level of sexism and then we talk about equality and women empowerment. A flip side to this is that condoms are now readily available online, so you can save yourself from pseudo embarrassment and buy it online. Isn’t that a blessing.





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