During the Chandani Chowk photo walk I got the opportunity to visit Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli. We all have heard about this great poet of Mughal’s era but visiting his Haveli was a sublime experience altogether. The Archaeological Survey of India has declared this haveli as a heritage site.

The moment you enter the Haveli you will be transported to the Mughal Era. The brick walls makes it look more authentic. The haveli very nicely represents Mirza Ghalib’s lifestyle. The whole Haveli is adorned by his portraits. You can also very easily spot some of his most popular creations hanging on the brick wall. It was picturesque. Everything in the Haveli was unique in its own way.

One of the blocks in the Haveli. The precious creations of Ghalib ji is kept safe here.
A sneak peek into the Haveli.
A sneak peek into the Haveli.

The Haveli also houses a life size portrait of Mirza Ghalib with his favorite hookah in his hand. I know you want to see it now, I couldn’t get the portrait but I have got a picture for you.

This life size portrait covers the whole wall. Look at the grace and panache with which he is sitting.
This life size portrait covers the whole wall. Look at the grace and panache with which he is sitting.

After I entered the Haveli I couldn’t help but notice that all of his famous poems and shayris are hanging on the wall. For everyone’s understanding the poems and creations were written in three languages Hindi, Urdu and English. You will easily understand every word that is in that haveli. I clicked some of his creations for the readers.

Ishq par zor nahi, hai ye woh aatish ghalib.








After Ghalib’s death a lot of shops were opened here, but in 1999 the government acquired this place and declared it as heritage site. The renovation was done very artistically so that the Mughal grandeur was intact. The huge wooden gates at the entrance, the red bricks and the ancient lock and latches will take you to 19th Century.

Roof of the Haveli looked very attractive. The combination of blue with other bright colors is very catchy.
Yes it is a heritage building.
Now you can relate to the authenticity of

 While wandering in the lanes of Chandani Chowk I discovered this place and it is very intriguing. This is a must visit place for all the history lovers.

How to reach:

Location: Gali Qasim Jaan, Ballimaran
Nearest Metro: Chandani Chowk Metro Station
Entry time: Sunrise to Sunset.
Entry Fee: Nill
Photography Fee: Nil
Closed on Monday.

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