Recently Motorola launched its Moto G third generation mobile phone. While the internet is inundated with accolades for the phone and its new features I cannot help but remember the ordeal that one of my dear friends has faced with its 2nd generation phone. She had a terrible experience chasing the company as well as the seller because her phone was among the few faulty pieces. She bought the Moto X 2nd Generation last year in September from Flipkart on the very day it was launched.

Source: Snapshot of the bill from Flipkart
Source: Snapshot of the bill from Flipkart

She got the phone as a gift on the occasion of Karva Chauth. I still remember her Facebook update expressing her happiness of being one the few early owners of the phone. She used the phone for a few days and she was happy with all the features and performance. She couldn’t stop praising her phone as well as Motorola.

After a couple of months she told me that the screen was malfunctioning and not responding properly. And after few days of this she told me that the screen was cracked completely. She was sad as the phone was just 3 months old and it was a gift from her husband. I suggested her to take the phone to the service station because that’s what we normally do in such cases, don’t we.

She searched on Motorola website and got the name ‘Shikha Communications’. She went and gave her phone to them for servicing assuming it would be a smooth process as the phone was still under warranty. The service center gave her a slip with the phone’s IMIE number and asked her to track the status online with that IMIE number. They told her it will take some time and asked her to check after a month. All this happened in the month of November and she called up again in the month of January to inquire about the screen. To her surprise the screen wasn’t available and they asked her to give all the accessories of the phone so that they would exchange the complete phone. She did as advised but she got nothing in return, she paid innumerable visits but all she got was lame excuses from the service center.

Receipt from the Service Station
Receipt from the Service Station

The frustration level was sky high and then she decided to call the Moto Care, and after the call she was shocked to another level. The customer care told her that they had no records of her phone. When she told the whole story about the service center they enlightened her saying that the service center has been blacklisted from their company and hence they have no connection with them. She felt duped and cheated. She got furious and then she reached out to the Regional head of Motorola Service Mr. Parvez, he said will look into the matter but all in vain.

Now the current situation is she doesn’t have her phone, the Service Center gives her all kind of excuses for not returning the phone and Motorola is also not entertaining her plea. She even went to the police who refused to dig in deeper saying it’s an issue of consumer court.

This phone was a special gift from her husband, and yes there was emotional attachment too. She had no clue that the phone would become such a nuisance in her life. She is now going to file a case in consumer court hoping to get some justice there. Her experience regarding Motorola after sales service is horrifying and  I think it deserves a shout.

I would never like to see anyone else going through what she experienced so it is my humble request to all of you to do a full research before buying any phone online or offline. In a technologically advanced world where we buy everything in a jiffy don’t you think customer service should also be just a click away. One unsatisfied customer kills at least ten potential customers.

Note: I would request you all to share this post as much as you can so that it reaches Motorola and they take appropriate actions and fix their mistakes before it reaches to the masses.




  1. I bought G2 and on the next day inserted a memory card and it didn’t detect it,tried different memory cards but no success.I tried those same cards in other phones including Moto E and then filed a replacement on flipkart.The process was completed and my phone was exchanged but that was a wake up call for me.I would have been in serious problem if flipkart wouldn’t have been the exclusive seller.
    On the other hand,motorola service centres are equivalent to Intex service centres,both have very bad conduct and they deal like you own a extremely cheap phone.I know this because a friend had problem with his Moto E.The service centre we went to was listed on the website but on visiting it we came to know that is not yet functional and they meanwhile accepted other phones(non motorola).
    After sales service is very important and this issue needs to be taken up.

  2. Most of the service center’s are the same. Even with Micromax or HTC. Luckily I got my HTC repaired twice in warranty and then no more issues. I know how hard it is to part one’s phone.

    This is sad. You can try Twitter. Just post something in their twitter with # and they should reply.

  3. Very true. The service by Motorola is horrendous . My advice, never by a Motorola phone. Motorola phones are on an average good .It is their service that sucks. Once you have problem you are in for lot f headaches


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