At the very outset a very happy friendship day to all of you. Since the time I have woke up today I have received hundreds of friendship day messages on every social media. So basically no matter where you go you would definitely find someone wishing you “Happy Friendship Day”.

Everyone is posting pictures with their besties and flaunting their friendship saga on almost every social media, not that I have any issues with it. It is good to witness so much of sudden love and friendship going around in the air. The celebration got me thinking of the way I used to celebrate this day with my close friends, and I realized that it has changed upside down.

Back then instant messaging apps like whatsapp, facebook messenger, hangout wasn’t very handy for everyone so we used to call each other. Yes an actual call and not wishing over text like today. Technology has seriously taken over us. How about calling up your friends and wishing them like old times.


Next would be talking about presents, back then we didn’t had a lot of money. My friendship day presents were always restricted to the choice of a band, a card and maybe some flowers. I used to get the same present for all of them so that there isn’t any dispute as to which one is better. But today the idea has evolved, we now have gifts coming from internet, flowers and cakes being delivered by sites. I am not saying it is a bad idea, it is the best way of making your friends feel special on this day. Just that how things have changes (yes for better) amazes me and makes me think what would be the next revolution that technology would bring into our lives.


So what are you doing today for the celebrations ? Lemme know, I am all ears to hear your story.




  1. Friendship Day remains the time when you acknowledge your friends contribution in your life, express love for them, cherish their presence in your life and pay them a tribute. Today, Friendship Day is being celebrated around the globe, across diverse cultures and social segments.


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