How I wish I was in Singapore this weekend, you know why because they are celebrating their 50th birthday. The celebrations have kicked off on a grand scale. The Jubilee Weekend from 7th August to 10th August is all about celebrations, carnivals, concerts and fun filled performances. While I sit here and imagine Singapore soaking in grandeur of the celebrations, I cannot help but reminisce my trip to Singapore. The two day trip was short and sweet. We witnessed the main attractions of Singapore and came back with our memory card full of breathtaking pictures.

On the 50th Birthday celebration of Singapore, I am giving you a list of 50 things/tips that you should definitely do/follow and experience in Singapore. So without further ado here we go:

  1. To start with move around the Changi Airport. It is very nicely built and you can click amazing pictures inside the airport.
  2. Indulge in duty free shopping but I would suggest you to keep it for your return journey, unless you want to buy something that is specifically for your stay in Singapore.
  3. If you have time to kill at the airport, pay a visit to their butterfly garden at Terminal 3.
  4. While I couldn’t spend much time at the airport but later I got to know they has many more attractions inside the airport. The next time you visit try and exploit all the attractions of the airport.
  5. Take the local transport instead of taxis. Singapore is one of the most expensive countries so opting for local transport would help you save some extra bucks.

    Local bus that we took while going to Universal Studios
  6. If bus doesn’t look like a good option to you then try their SMRT, It is the cheapest, smartest and convenient way of travelling within Singapore. Keeps you away from the traffic too.

    Tried their train journey too.
  7. Indulge in their local food. Being a vegetarian I had to restrict myself to the obvious choices but I saw my friends hogging on some very nice looking food items, one of the names that I remember is Nasi Lemak.
  8. Don’t do advance booking of any popular tourist attractions through your hotel representatives. Reach the venue a little early and buy the tickets from there. The advance booking will make you shed off extra dollars from your pocket.
  9. Visit the Marina Bay Sands hotel, while getting a reservation at the hotel was way outside my budget I just settled by seeing its magnificent architecture from outside.

    This is what luxury looks like !
  10. If you get the reservation in the Marina Bay Sands hotel I am sure you will have loads of things to do inside but one of the must dos is dipping in their infinity pool.
  11. Marina Bay Sands hotel has a provision where you can visit their top floor and enjoy coffee. They do charge you for this but of course not as much as getting a reservation would cost you. So get yourself at the terrace of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and enjoy the coffee with a view to die for.
  12. The Light and Water show by the waterfront of Marian Bay Sands hotel is also something that you shouldn’t miss. It is a 13 minute show and it’s stunning visual effects with light, music and sound will give you goosebumps. This show is also awarded with the Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award.
  13. Don’t miss the ArtScience Museum, it is located along the Marina Bay waterfront. You will be able witness art, science, design, media, architecture and technology under one roof.

    Can you spot the flower shape structure, it is the ArtScience Museum.
    Can you spot the flower shape structure, it is the ArtScience Museum.
  14. Visit the Merlion tourist spot and click some amazing holiday postcard photos. You can read about Merlion history here.

    The iconic Merlion
  15. Near to the iconic Merlion you can find Esplanade-Theaters on the Bay. This theater showcases different performances, workshops and exhibitions.

    Look at the architecture, feels like a Porcupine. Just kidding !
  16. While you are around the Merlion Tourist spot don’t forget to witness the grandeur of Central Business District which is a hub of all of their core commercial and financial companies.

    Notice the huge building at the back of the Merlion.
  17. If you get tired of watching the buildings and skylines enjoy a leisure walk in their parks. You will be able to locate one very easily as they have many at frequent intervals.

    Lush green gardens.
  18. I agree you should enjoy a place like local but enjoying Indian food in Singapore has its own excitement.
  19. Take a walk down the little India and feel proud about the fact that we have our own little country there. Little India is easily reachable via the MRTs.
  20. Don’t exchange the currency at the airport, rather get them exchanged at the Mustafa Center for better rates. It is a great place to eat and shop as well.
  21. While I highly discourage shopping during any trip but if you are a shopaholic then you have innumerable places to splurge out. I witness people shopping at Haji Lane, Mustafa Center, Little India and China Town, so you can check these places out. I am sure there would be many more high end markets too.
  22. Don’t miss out on Universal Studios when in Singapore. It is great place to enjoy theme based rides and different kind of shows.

    The customary picture.
  23. While planning for Universal Studios make sure that you are the early bird and be the first one to enter the studio else you won’t be able to try your hands on every ride. Yes they have more rides than you can imagine.
  24. At the entrance of the Universal Studio you would get the map of the whole studio. Make sure you carry one along yourself. The Studio is huge and I am sure you will need the map later for locating various rides and shows.
  25. When you pay for Universal Studios you get a band which makes you eligible for every ride, I would suggest you to upgrade your band by paying some amount extra bucks so that you don’t have to be a part of the never ending queues. This upgrade makes you eligible for the VIP queues which is way shorter than the normal ones.
  26. When in Universal Studios make sure you witness all the seven zones of the studio. The studio is very creatively built and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss any of it, and here your paper map will be of great help.
  27. Along with all the thrilling rides and creative zones one another important thing that you shouldn’t miss is their Waterworld show. It is like a real movie played live in front of you. It has love, hatred, fight, action and a lot more. Every now and then they throw water on the audience so if you are seated in the front rows be ready to get wet.

    One of my personal favorite shows in Universal Studios.
  28. At the end of the day when the rides are closed Universal Studios demonstrates a cracker show. The whole crowd assemble at one place to witness it. I liked the show and I would want you to see it as well. So don’t exit the Studio without seeing this show.

    Cracker Show
  29. A tip for Universal Studios is not to wear frilly clothes, they might create trouble while enjoying the rides. Make sure you wear clothes which stick to your body.
  30. While you will have to dedicate one complete day to Universal Studios make sure you do the same for the Sentosa Island. The Siloso beach located at Sentosa Island is a must visit. Songs of the Sea was one of the major attractions of the Siloso Beach but as per the latest updates it is now closed.

    Picture taken from the train to Sentosa !
  31. Gardens By the Bay should be a must go place in your list. I would recommend going there in the evening so that you can enjoy the lit up view of the garden. By the time sun goes down Gardens by the Bay looks illuminated and very picturesque.
  32. Don’t just go inside the but make sure you take a walk on their sky bridge and enjoy the lit up view of Singapore’s sky line. The bridge is made between the two largest Supertrees in the garden so that the visitors can enjoy a panoramic aerial view of the Gardens and holistic view ofSingapore.

    Oh ! you beauty
  33. Don’t miss out on the light and music show inside the Gardens By the Bay which is popularly know as the OCBC Garden Rhapsody. The whole gardens transports you to another world. It is an experience not to miss.
  34. Gardens by the Bay not only is a spot to enjoy breathtaking views and the bridge walk but they also play movies on huge screen which you can enjoy free of cost.

    People relaxing and enjoying the free movie at the Gardens by the Bay
  35. Do you fancy driving luxury cars then you can fulfill your dream in Singapore. Ultimate Drive is the place that you are looking for. They provide luxury cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini to drive through the streets of Singapore. It will drill a big hole in your pocket but luxury comes with a price.
  36. Singapore Flyer is another important thing that you shouldn’t miss in Singapore. Again I would recommend to go for it after the sunset so that you can enjoy the lit up view of Singapore.

    That tiny little person between the Singapore Flyer is me.
    That tiny little person between the Singapore Flyer is me.
  37. Visit Singapore Botanical Garden not because it is just another pretty looking garden but because it is the only tropical garden which is honored as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss on something like this.
  38. No doubt Singapore is one the biggest tourist attractions these days but still it lacks in terms of natural resources. They import almost everything from  other countries and therefore Port of Singapore is of a lot of significance. It is identified as the World’s second busiest port in terms of daily shipping capacity. I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss something of this grandeur.

    Singapore Port
  39. I couldn’t visit the Singapore Zoo and Singapore Night Safaris but few of my friends who went spoke all good things about it. So make sure you block some time for these two attractions as well.
  40. Another not to miss attraction in Singapore is the Flower Dome. If you are a flora and fauna lover then you would not want to leave this place. It houses wide varieties of flowers and plants with origins across the world.

    Can you see the potpourri of colors and varieties
  41. When you are in the Flower Dome don’t rush and blindly pass through every area, try and read through the description written there and you will be amazed to know how flowers from different countries which need different atmosphere are blossoming under one roof.
  42. After you are done with Flower Dome you should head to the Cloud Forest. Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are within the same premises so make sure you visit these two places at the same time else it will unnecessarily waste your time.
  43. Cloud Forest will take you on a learning journey where you will come to know about the rare plants. The view of Cloud Forest is amazing and the diverse vegetation makes it more memorable.  Make sure you walk through the bridges and click some awesome pictures.

    A must photo on the bridge
  44. Inside Cloud Forest you shouldn’t miss the waterfall and the planted walls. They are the perfect example of how man can create almost everything by the use of technology and his expertise.

    The legendary waterfalls at the Cloud Forest
  45. Inside Cloud Forest it is very chilly. So if you get cold easily remember to carry a jacket so that you can enjoy without feeling cold and uneasy.

    The bridges from below
  46. Travel light, not only while you are travelling to and from Singapore but also within Singapore. If you don’t have much things to carry you can enjoy without worrying of losing/forgetting anything.
  47. Make sure you check all the deals online, at times they offer certain discounts on the entry fees on certain cards. If you get such deals then book it online and enjoy the discounts while you are in Singapore.
  48. There are tonnes of places to visit and numerous things to do in Singapore but you will have to prioritize things as per your interest and availability of time.
  49. Make sure you already have the plan ready as to what all places do you want to visit and how much time are you going to invest on every attraction. Deciding these things after reaching Singapore would be a waste of your time.
  50. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs for your friends and family from the China town. You can pick and choose from a wide varieties of fridge magnets, key rings and many more.

This was a long read and if you have reached to this point then I would thank you for making it to the end of the post. I hope you have enjoyed my tips and suggestion. Give a shout if you think I missed on something.

Happy Reading !!




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