While I am a hopeless Shahrukh Khan and DDLJ fan I know a lot of people who share just the opposite feelings. They feel there is nothing great about this epic love story and it has gained accolades way more than it deserved. I don’t really believe in fighting with every single person with such a mindset but yes I firmly believe that there is something magical about this love story and I would give the whole credit to the charismatic Shahrukh Khan.

We all love Raj and Simran but I have extra affection for Raj for some obvious reasons. He is the prefect man that every woman long for. The balanced blend of romance and wit makes him the most eligible choice for every female. Now this is blind and yet the most thought after and logical feeling that I have for Raj. There are many reasons why every female wants a little of Raj in his dream man.

  • Because he knows how to celebrate failure: We all celebrate success, nothing biggie about it but he has gone a step ahead and mastered the art of celebrating failures as well. Who doesn’t want a man who knows how to celebrate his failures and losses? Just imagine how often you are going to go on holidays with such a person. There is a difference in living a life and celebrating it, and I bet he knows the difference.


  • Because he doesn’t take advantage of a drunk girl: Remember when Simran got drunk during the euro trip, not even once Raj evil eyed her. He conducted himself with utmost responsibility. Do you remember what he said “Main ek Hindustani hoon, aur main jaanta hoon ki ek Hindustani ladki ki izzat kya hoti hai“. Such kind is a rare now. don’t you think such a man is a steal?


  • Because he is an optimistic and a believer: Even though Raj had no confirmation if Simran loved him or not but just by the sign of Cow Bell hanging on her doorstep he decided to travel across the globe. You may call it madness but it is actually believing in your love.


  • Because he has high morals: Knowing that no one will ever approve of their love Simran asks Raj to run away with her and he said a “no”. Even when Fareeda Jalal asked him to run away he said a “no”, when asked why he said “Main Simran ko cheenana nahi pana chahta hu”. Fleeing away with his love was the easiest thing to do considering the girl and her mother were already in agreement but he chose to stay and fight for his love like real men do. Don’t you want a man who has the courage to fight for things he believe in rather than running away like a coward?


  • Because everyone likes him: There was an unsaid affinity for him in all the family members. He was the apple of every female’s eye in the house. Be it Simran, Preeti, Buaji, Chutki or Fareeda Jalal everyone was so fond of him that they always wanted him around. Not only the ladies, he was a delightful company to the men as well. Remember how he saved bau ji in the game of chess. He is not only going to keep you happy but every other member of your family as well.


  • Because he is rebellious and romantic at the same time: Only a man like him can dare to kiss his beloved behind a pretty narrow pillar and that too in his in-laws house. Nothing can match that sensuality and gumption. Not to forget how he bluffed everyone and grabbed Simran’s hand while playing antakshari. You don’t really need big bikes and cars to show off your rebellious and macho quotient.


  • Because he does everything to make up for his mistakes: How far will you go to correct the mistakes that you have done in the past. Waking up early, dressing up in white dhoti kurta and feeding the pigeons, all these troubles for what just to make up for one stupid deed done in the past (wasn’t really that stupid though). A man like him will do anything and everything to make peace with people who are close to you and people who you care about.


  • Because he said sorry to Preeti: He had no feelings for Preeti but he knew what Preeti and other people felt about them being together. They liked the idea of seeing them as a couple. During the climax when Bau Ji asked Raj to leave the house, he made sure that he apologizes to Preeti for everything that she must have gone through. By right he didn’t do anything for which he must have felt sorry but deep down in his heart he knew that the recent course of actions must have broken her. He is not just a lover he is more than that.


  • Because he prays for you and fasts for you: He isn’t the stereotypical man of the patriarchal society who thinks household, praying and fasting is only reserved for the women. Remember how cleverly he excused himself from Simran and prayed for her in the church and also he fasted for her during the Karwachauth. In the society where women are still fighting for equality at work and home, this man not only takes you away from such stigmas but also makes you feel so special and important. With a man like him you would always feel wanted.


I can go on and on, because even after being slapped ruthlessly by Bauji he didn’t question his intentions towards the well being of his daughter, because I fall in love with Raj every time I watch this movie, because I still cannot get over with his smile when he says “palat”, because he instills my faith in love and its magic.

Have you seen DDLJ? Oh I am sorry of course you have. How much do you like Raj? I love him to bit.

Image Source: All the images are stills from the movie taken by me.




  1. Hahaha, if only guys behaved themselves and followed these tips right after DDLJ came out…India would have been a nicer place to live 🙂

    Of course, had you posted this long back it would have helped many!


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