In the era where Wi-Fi password exchange takes precedence over hello and namaste, you can very well imagine the significance of high speed data. Your data speed speaks a lot about your personality, if you are still on 2G you are frowned upon and if you don’t have a Wi-Fi at your place then only God can save you from the endless discussion over the Stone Age era you are coming from. None can deny the importance of high speed, it isn’t a luxury anymore. It is a necessity. We all long for it and we all want it.

You might have encountered questions like if you get a million dollars what will you do, if you get to make three wishes what will you ask for and many more like that. But has someone ever asked you what you would do if you get unbelievable data speed? Will you go crazy and download everything that comes your way or will you think smart and use the speed wisely. Well I didn’t had to think much when this question was asked to me, I had things popping one after another in my head.

Stream rather than download: A lot of things that I enjoy watching is a onetime watch. A lot of YouTube videos, a couple of series and some other random stuff are the things that I usually watch. So if get an unbelievable data speed I won’t act greedy and download it all rather than I would stream the videos that I like and watch them online. Given that there are very low chances of me wanting to watch those videos again I would like to save the phone memory by watching them online rather than downloading.

Accessibility on the go: The mobile network works fine but we still save a lot of work for our beloved Wi-Fi because of the slow speed offered by the mobile networks. With breakneck speed on the go I would finish all my pending work whenever I can squeeze in some time rather than stocking it for the end of the day. I can leave home without saying Goodbye to my Wi-Fi with a heavy heart. With the constant availability of high speed I can browse various sites without any lag. Needless to say the surfing experience will become smooth by many folds.

Share the speed: How about creating a hotspot and sharing it with people who are in dire need for speed. Albeit this is one thing that I would be least interested in sharing with anyone but I can make exceptions for genuine problems. The whooping high speed can not only revolutionize your life but help others too.

If you are still wondering that all these are a farfetched dream then you are actually dreaming because you can get it all with Airtel’s 4G- The Fastest Network ever. Airtel 4G will quench your craving for high speed internet.

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